By: Jack's Tack Shop  05/12/2011

Gallop’s Beta Level 3 Body Protector for children with a zip front, adjustable waist and shoulders.  Removable tail flap if not required.
Gallop Kids Body Protector BETA Level 3 meets  BETA 2000 Body Protector Standard meets all the requirements of the European standard (EN 13158:2000).

The BETA Standard sets criteria for shock-absorption, controls the area of the body that must be covered and ensures there are minimal gaps between the protective foam panels. It encompasses three levels, each designed for different activities and denoted by a colour-coded label on the garment.

Level 1 (black label) provides the lowest level of protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys while racing.
Level 2 (brown label) offers a lower than normal level of protection so is considered suitable for low risk situations – not including jumping, riding on the roads, riding young or excitable horses or riding while inexperienced.
Level 3 (purple label) is considered appropriate for general riding, competitions including eventing and working with horses. Level 3 body protectors should prevent minor bruising that wouldhave produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and prevent a limited number of rib fractures

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