By: J S Drilling  05/12/2011
Keywords: Drilling, geothermal drilling

JS Drilling Ltd, Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, Ireland are an established drilling company for all your Environmental, Geotechnical and Geothermal drilling requirements and Water Well Solutions

A geothermal heating system is an economical, environmental and energy efficient way of heating a home or business. It utilises thermal energy from the ground by heating a lower temperature water that is pumped round the bore hole in collector pipes. This is then transferred to a heat pump where it is used to heat up a refrigerant. This heat pump is then used to heat water. For more information click
Water Well Rehabilitation

J S Drilling Ltd offer well rehabilitation and maintenance.  All water schemes in Ireland, both public and private must be fully compliant with all quality standards related to public health ().  However, the most recent report of the (The Provision & Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland , 2009) found that nearly one-third of our drinking water supply was polluted.  One of the possible problems with water quality is poor well installation or maintenance.

Well Solutions can help. 

Keywords: Drilling, geothermal drilling