By: Irishlogodesign  05/12/2011

Logo design

Our main focus is logo design and corporate identity profiles. You can see some examples of logos we have designed under "Portfolio" in the top menu.

After you have made your final choice, the logo will be sent by e-mail in the following file formats:

   JPG (for presentations/web/other similar type of use)

   GIF (for presentations/web/other similar type of use)

   EPS (for professional print)

   We will also send in any other file format if you require us to

We also send you Word stationery with your logo implemented:

   Word letter document

   Word billing document

   Word fax document

Other products:

   Business card design

   Stationery design

   Homepage design

We can do almost any type of design task our customers require us to, including:
- Brochure design
- Advertisment design
- E-mail marketing mails
- Flash animations
- name it!Considering live chat on your website? Please visit our partner: is a service of