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By: Irishfit  05/12/2011
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To book an appointment please call: 01 - 205 2003

Some of the Services offered:

Injury diagnosis & treatment
Custom Orthotics made while you wait
Posture & Foot Assessment / Full body Checkup
Personal Training with your Physio

Some of the techniques used during treatments in the Clinic include:

Trigger Points
Soft Tissue Release
Dry Needling
Exercise therapy or Rehabilitation
Manual Therapy
Taping and Bracing

Not sure if your injury needs treatment?
Call us: 01 - 205 2003

Much like a GP checkup or a dental checkup a physio checkup is useful for making sure you are physically in good shape without any areas of weakness or tight musculature etc.
It is particularly useful for athletes or people about to embark on a more serious training schedule such as a marathon or triathlon etc.
Finding potential problem areas and then working on strenghtening and stretching in that particular area will help prevent injuries cropping up later during your training. It will save you money and time in the long run and as we all know so well: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
Posture Assessment: price from €40
Posture & Foot Assessment: price from €80

Manual Therapy
Mobilisation / Manipulation of joints which have become stiff and sore. 
“I knew something was wrong when I could not look over my shoulder while reversing my car.  I just sort of put up with it for a while – after that first visit I realized how close I was coming to hitting my neighbours car!”

Prehabilitative exercises are used to teach you how to “turn on” certain muscle groups – such as the rotator cuff which supports your shoulder, deep abdominal muscles which stabilize your low back or Hip muscles which hold your pelvis level while you run. These exercises are often used in conjunction with some hands on therapy or a flexibility program.

Your Irishfit physio can also use exercise therapy to help “take you to that next level”. Strength, Endurance, Fitness and Flexibility are key to gaining control of your injury   Exercise here may include Yoga, Piliates or resistive programs.  We have the experience and knowledge to develop the right program for you.

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Keywords: Custom Orthotics, exercise, Physio, Therapy

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IrishFit Multi-Sports, Running, Triathlon Store, For all your Sports, Running, Triathlon needs - events

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