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By: Irish Wolfhound Society Of Ireland  05/12/2011

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July 25th, 2010

May I start by expressing my gratitude to the organizer for inviting me, the extremely sportive exhibitors for entering a most flattering number of hounds under me and everybody involved for giving me such a wonderful first time on the green island – a place I have wanted to visit since my horse-crazy days in high school.

The weather was most cooperative, nicely shadowed and cool enough for the hounds to remain alert to the very end. The venue was beautiful with plenty of space as well and the atmosphere around the ring very friendly and warm.

Over to the hounds – in general I was VERY pleased with what I saw in the ring. Type and movement were really very good, temperament was excellent and I was impressed with the excellent muscle condition in most of the hounds (far from always found….!). Fronts in general could be better – too many straight upper arms and flat fore-chests although most were well bodied. Feet need some work – flat feet will improve by exercise on gravel roads. Having said that I would like to express my gratitude for the general good balance in the hounds. I had no “dragster cars” on low front legs and no German shepherd top-lines with straight front and over-angulations behind, which will explain the general good side-gates, created through balance. Even when angulations both ends could be better, the hound usually functions well where the unbalanced one will not.

Good bites were frequent – I only found 2 bitches slightly undershot. Heads in general were good – I did not found any heavy or too thin heads although the real excellent ones were not that many. Coats in general of right texture although some could do with a bit of tidying up. My hands were still completely clean after judging (VERY seldom found!). Some of the young ones and the un-experienced handlers need some training but we have all begun as such, and experience has the good taste of coming on as times goes by (good and bad). I was looking for a big, impressive, rough-coated galloping hound with build and movement to be able to do the job intended for, i.e. track and hunt down a healthy wolf and with a gentle attitude when not. I found quite a lot fitting into that costume.

In my Best of Breed TARLOG CUIMHNE AT KILLYKEAN I certainly found that and more. Tall, substantial and very feminine, rough-coated bitch with an exquisive head and an excellent mover. Still in Puppy, so very well matured but still elegant enough not to turn heavy when fully grown. I cannot see anything but a very bright future for this gem and I wish her and her breeder/owners Ms Clark and Mr Killykeen Doyle the very best of luck in future.

Runner-up BOB and Best dog Mr Donelly’s CALCARA BIGGLE OF CUAONTROIME is an elegant, very typical and sound young dog, who at just 2 years of age still has some maturing to do, but I am certain he too will have a bright future.

I was particularly pleased with my four placed Open bitches, all showing the desired type and all in excellent condition. The winning Baby puppies, Miss O’Keeffe’s litter-mates CALCARA AGUS (Best Baby) and her brother CALCARA BRACKEN are extremely promising – sound, well built and with exquisite heads and expressions. Had the dog been as settled on the move in the final as later with winning Junior handler Thomas, the order might have been reversed….

Finally I will also thank my excellent ring steward – without Linda’s help I would have kept you all for a lot longer!

Eva Soderqvist (judge)


Baby Puppy Dog (1)

  1. O’Keeffe’s Calcara Bracken – Lovely 5 months old light brindle dog pup, excellent head with dark eyes and a melting expression, very soundly and well built, moved occasionally very well but needs to settle. Very promising.

Puppy Dog (2)

  1. O’Keeffe’s Calcara Taoiseach – Another very promising young dog, 10 months grey brindle, soundly built but has shot up a bit at this age and still needs to mature. Very good mover and overall balance gave him Reserve BD.
  2. Clark’s Tarlog Liam Neeson – Very big and very substantial typical light brindle dog. Unbelievably mature in body, especially for his great size, but lacks today in coordination and would not settle on the move. Once all this comes together he will be most impressive.

Junior Dog (1)

  1. Ferguson’s Joker Lad – still very immature but balanced and quite well built 1 year old red brindle dog, need to body up and be better presented but a very nice mover. Best Junior.

Intermediate dog (1 Abs)

Open Dog (12, 6 Abs)

  1. Donelly’s Calcara Biggle of Cuaontroime, Elegant and houndy 2 years old grey brindle, very nicely angulated both ends with a very good fore-chest and super muscled hindquarters, still has some maturing to do of course, excellent mover and well presented. Best dog and Runner-Up BOB.
  2. Campbell’s Cu Aontroime Donovan Rossa of Laganview – a very impressive, masculine and powerful 3,5 years old wheaten, who in spite of very steep upper arm moved with great length of stride and very sound on his legs. Lost to no 1 for lack of fore-chest. Very well presented.
  3. Gilmore’s Cuinnegheal MacGinty – 5 years old dark brindle of excellent type, very stylish with a super head and lovely strong, crested neck. Could have more angulations in front and a longer croup, which would give him better length of stride. Tail curled and carried a bit too high on the move. Winner of Best Head.
  4. Gargan’s Cudonnchu Mor – 4 years old, could be more masculine for age. Bite irregular. Angulations and fore-chest OK. Nice croup, movement sound.

Baby Puppy Bitch (2)

  1. O’Keeffe’s Calcara Agus – charming 5 months old fawn, feminine head, excellent bone and body, very well angulated and moved soundly with length of stride. Well shown and very promising. Best Baby Puppy.
  2. Farrell’s Calcara Nimbus – litter sister of above and a lot like her sister but not as sound, needs to strengthen in hocks.

Puppy Bitch (5, 1 Abs)

  1. Clark’s & Killykeen Doyle’s Tarlog Cuimhne at Killykeen – gorgeous 11,5 months old grey brindle, super type and head, extremely well built and mature for age but yet very feminine and elegant with very good movement. Very well presented. I was delighted to award her Best of Breed and Best Puppy. Should have a very bright future.
  2. O’Keeffe’s Calcara Kead – very feminine and elegant houndy 10 months old grey, still immature and needs to body up but very balanced and a very good and sound mover. Unlucky to meet no 1, who had more of most on the day. Promising.
  3. Potter’s Tarlog Juno of the Valley – 11 months old and in a very upright stage. Needs to drop in brisket and angulations. Moved OK.
  4. Redmond’s Ballyblarney Ghaoithe – feminine 11 months old dark red brindle, a little short on legs and did nothing to help it by being insecure in the surroundings, thus lacking in appearance and free movement. However, overall well built, so with confidence she will do a lot better.

Junior Bitch (3, 1 Abs)

  1. Gargan’s Bribiba’s Country Dancer – tall 14 months old grey, who has shot up at present and needs to fill out in body and drop in angulations. Still balanced and moved very freely but a bit narrow front and rear.
  2. Smith’s Cufodhla Eire – feminine 11 months old light grey brindle bitch, who was all over the place and very hard to access on the move. Needs ring practice.

Open Bitch (16, 9 Abs)

Best class of the day, the 4 placed were all really lovely bitches.

  1. O’Keeffe’s Calcara Siucra – beautiful 2 years old dark grey feminine bitch, very nice head, well bodied with excellent balance all over. Excellently handled and presented. Runner-Up Best Bitch – preferred the length of legs and stride on winning bitch but still a lovely girl. Runner-Up Best Bitch.
  2. Alford’s Calcara Sarah of Christate – a very powerful, strong and big 3 years old grey bitch, sound and balanced in excellent condition. Sound mover. Preferred the fore-chest and angulations of no 1 but overall a very nice bitch.
  3. Donnelly’s Calcara Keeva of Cuaontroime – lovely feminine 2 years old grey brindle, looked my winner standing with excellent proportions and angulations. Let down on the move, slightly lame on left foreleg on the day. I am certain she will be up in the top once sound again, but on the day the competition was too hard not to fault her slight limp.
  4. Higgins’ Hillcoote Pebble – powerful 5 years old grey of lovely type. Very nice head and excellent long strong neck. Moved with good stride but loose in hocks.

Veteran Bitch (2, 1 abs)

  1. Peiler’s Knocknarea Unique – 9,5 years old big substantial dignified lady in excellent condition enjoying her day out. Lovely type and substance, strong contender to all the younger beauties in the Best Bitch competition. Best Veteran.

Brace stakes (2)

  1. O’Keeffe’s Calcara Taoiseach/Calcara Kead – brother and sister puppies of excellent type and build and VERY similar with the desired sex difference. Not easy to show but handler did a super job.
  2. Gargan’s Cudonnchu Mor/Bribiba’s Country Dancer – very well shown but not as similar as winners.

Some Photographs

1 Best Bitch and Reserve BB_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_light1

2 Best Bitch and Reserve BB_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_light2

3 Best Bitch and Reserve BB_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_light3

4 Best Dog and Reserve BD_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

5 Best of Breed and Reserve BOB_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_light

6 Best of Breed_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

7 Best of Breed_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

8 Junior Bitch 1st and 2nd_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_cut

9 Junior Dog 1st_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

10 Junior Dog 1st_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_cut

11 Open Bitch 1st 2nd 3rd 4th dark_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

12 Open Bitch 1st 2nd 3rd 4th_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

13 Open Bitch 1st and 2nd_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

14 Open Dog 1st and 2nd_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

15 Puppy Bitch 1st and 2nd_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_cut

16 Puppy Dog 1st and 2nd_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010

17 Reserve BPand Best Baby Puppy_IWS of Ireland Open show July 25_2010_cut

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