Louise Mansfield, Louise Mansfield Artist, Oil Paintings

By: Irish Paintings  05/12/2011
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Louise Mansfield at the Waldock Art Gallery in Dublin, Ireland

Louise has been painting since early childhood and has developed her own distinctive style. She uses her interest in people  as inspiration for her work. Beach scenes of girls walking on a beach in Cape Cod, old men sharing a memory in the South of France, a pub scene in the Yorkshire Dales, England, or a horse fair in Killarney, Ireland. Her paintings of children on the beach and ballerinas are still a best seller, and are ideally suited to interior design and modern home decor.

"At school I was terrible at maths, but I got an honours in art", she once told us

Equipped with her palette knife and her fondness for colour her paintings are full of energy and atmosphere. They all have a common bond, a sense of humanity.

Keywords: art gallery, Oil Paintings, paintings

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Deborah Donnelly is a modern art painter whose work resembles much of that painted during the impressionist era.She uses strikingly bold colours in her paintings of cows, cafes, farmsteads, and other farm animals.She was born in Ireland and studied at the National College of Art and Design. Much of her latest work is shown at the Waldock Art Gallery in Dublin. Now, back in her native Ireland, she continues her painting career.


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Her bold colours of Irish scenes, depicting street scenes, city scenes and sailing paintings are produced in many sizes, giving the buyer a wide choice of prices. In the Waldock Art Gallery we specialise in Irish paintings, and Carol Ann Waldron is our most popular Irish artist. Originally working in pencil she quickly moved on to painting in acrylic, pastel, watercolour, and oil.


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Not satisfied with a naturalistic rendering of a scene, wide brushstrokes of dark slabs of earth float on thickly painted and contrasting lighter diverse textural surfaces, giving his work a monumental serene aspect while evoking sensations of vast space.


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Applied with a brush, his work reflects the mood, colour and light that inspire him to paint a wide range of subjects such as boats, harbours, farm animals and still life. His paintings are easily recognised by the rich and vibrant colour that he uses in a loose impasto fashion. He has exhibited in many major galleries in Ireland and overseas. James Brohan at the Waldock Art Gallery in Dublin.


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Following this, she studied Portraiture for two years at the Heatherley School of fine art in Chelsea, where she won the portraiture prize in her first year and was awarded a scholarship for her second year. Isobel has recently exhibited in three galleries in London, England, and is now exhibiting at the Waldock Gallery in Dublin, Ireland. Recently I have worked especially on marine landscapes around South County Dublin and Dublin Bay.