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By: Irish Flood Control Systems  05/12/2011
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There are now high-tech substitutes for the traditional sandbag which are more effective, easier to deploy and much more compact to store and distribute.

IFCS FloodBags offer the chance to banish sandbags from your flood defence strategy

These easily stored and handled bags each weigh around 600g and have a 5-10 year shelf life. The jute outer bag contains a non-hazardous polymer of sodium acrylate.

In contact with water they expand within minutes. The photos show the bags expanding to almost 20kg in only a few minutes.

Once expanded, the bags form an effective barrier to water. The nature of their expansion means FloodBags pack tightly against one another to form a flood wall.

Specifications and Pricing:
Product IFCS FloodBags
Suitability Flood defence sand-bag replacement
Sizes 575mm x 425mm x 10mm in dry state
525mm x 400mm x 200mm when fully inflated
Fitting Instructions Deployment instructions included
Survey Not required
Availability Dependent upon stocks, call us

Re-Usable FloodWater Bags

Eliminate the back-breaking job of filling sandbags and then hauling them to the floodsite. FloodWater Bags can be filled right at the dike site.

Eliminate disposal of bacteria-infested sandbags after the flood waters recede. Simply unscrew the FloodWater Bag nozzle and drain the polymer-activated water onto the ground, where it will dissipate in a matter of days. Salt can be poured onto the polymer where it liquifies into a water state.

STEP 1: An empty FloodWater Bag and a polymer pouch.

STEP 2: Add polymer to FloodWater Bag.

STEP 3: Add water to FloodWater Bag.

STEP 4: A filled FloodWater Bag.

Specifications and Pricing:
Product Reusable FloodWater Bags
Suitability Residential
Sizes N/A
Fitting Instructions Included
Survey Not required
Availability Please Call

Absorbeez water absorbent materials are new and combine advanced technology with experience, to produce high capacity water absorbent bags and sheets that are super handy.

Designed by Action Dry, an established Company involved with flood and fire damage restoration, Absorbeez has already proven to be an exciting and invaluable product creating worldwide interest. It has been applied to numerous applications for removing or reducing excess residual water following flooding, accidental water spillage and leaks.

The bags are ideal for absorbing remaining clean or contaminated water from areas which may be littered with debris, rubbish, building rubble etc and are particularly useful if you need an aid to slow down or help stop water ingress into a target zone. Absorbeez filled bags can be stacked brick wall style to assist in quickly making a temporary water barrier and make an easily distributed ALTERNATIVE TO SANDBAGS.

The bags are strong. They are easily stored with a long shelf life and are available in many stock sizes or as specials to other specifications.

Our Absorbeez have so many uses that we will leave it to your imagination to determine the application.

Sorbarix® A20

Sorbarix® A20 Water Absorbent Cushions are a water damage prevention aid. They are an easily handled cushion that can absorb 20 litres of water in 2 minutes. The cushion then acts as a water barrier (like a sand bag) to prevent further water damage.


Encased in a tear-resistant outer cover Sorbarix A20 contains a super-absorbent material. They are lightweight and convenient to handle.

  • Absorbs up to 20 litres of water in two minutes
  • Lightweight, just 400 grams dry
  • Easy handling, quick to lay down
  • When fully absorbed acts as a sandbag
  • Prevents rising water entering buildings by moulding itself around doorways and windows.
  • Absorbs leakages from domestic appliances (refrigerators, boilers, radiators, washing machines etc)
  • Five year shelf-life

In an emergency situation, district and borough resources are likely to be overstretched, and they will be unable to deliver in the quantities or with the speed that people need. Across the country, local authorities are moving away from delivering sand-bags.

The Sand-Hopper is a well-made, portable device which simplifies and speeds the arduous task of filling sand-bags. It is ideal for situations when a community needs swift flood-defence, and nothing else is available. Every flood-prone parish should have one.


The Ministry of Defence have trialled the Sandhopper, and found one man with a Sandhopper can do the work of nearly three men working without one. (based on speeds achieved at the Warminster training barracks in 2001.)

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Reduce filling costs by up to 66%
  • Robust cold-formed mild steel tubing, but only 10kg
  • Precision assured with laser-cut brackets
  • Resilient powder-coated finish
  • Proven, efficient, transportable
Specifications and Pricing:
Product SandHopper sandbag filling tool
Suitability Construction, military, parish councils
Sizes Designed for 330mm by 760mm bags
Fitting Instructions Included
Survey NA
Availability 7 days
Note Also available with bracket for fitting to rear of pick-up trucks, enabling bags to be filled on site, as needed, and with lightweight plastic shovels and bale of sandbags.

Keywords: Flood Defence

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