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By: Irish Drum And Bass  05/12/2011
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Cork based DnB DJ Source sent us a link to his most recent mix.

Brother – A Dream Like State – Fokuz
Ed Oberon – La Vacca – Sound Trax
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me – Blu Mar Ten
Brother – Long Way Home – Fokuz
Bal – Venus In Furs – Influence
Eveson – Late Night Special – Red Seal
Zyon Base – Ghetto Blues – Fokuz
Eveson – Bittersweet – Channel 82
Brother feat Elle Rollo – Something Special – Fokuz
Brother – Junction (Eveson Remix) – Influence
Luca – Speakeasy – Red Seal
Bal – Untitled Housey – Influence
A-Sides, Fats & Regina – What You Don’t Know (Total Science Remix) – ?
Calibre – Pop – Phase 2 Recordings

Podcast update o’clock! This time round we have three for the price of one, with three re-records of the sets from irishdrumandbass.com’s tenth birthday party! Round about 1.5 hours of juicy drum and bass/jungle goodness. The First three in the series are from Code, Source and Ricky Force!

Read on for links and tracklists!

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Getting 2009 up and running is IDNBs, OneSevenFour and Rudimentarys Beckett (has he not got enough to do?) with a selection of toasty warm drum and bass sounds. This one delves into the depths, flowing through liquid beats, to atmospheric drum and bass, to proper deep vibes! Get your sub’s working on this one and warm yourself up.

Redeyes – The Night Is Over – Spearhead
Pepe Braddock – Deep Burnt (Insiders Remix) – Burn
Calibre – Overreacted – Signature
Ill Logic and Raf – Complex Identities – Bingo
Tayla and Furney – JahMan – Liquid V Recordings
Theory and Zebedee – Fooling Around – Syncopathic
Nebula – Chords of Sorrow – Subtle Audio
State of Mind and Chris Su – Flawless (Sigma Remix) – State of Mind Music
Nasty Habits – Liquid Fingers (Golden Fingers Remix) – 31 Records
Ill Logic and Raf – Be Free – DZR
Beckett – Some of Those – Dub
Seba – Crockett – Combiniation Records
Deep Blue – Do You Voodoo (Ror-Shack Remix) – Offshore
Cycom – Control – Breakin (Forthcoming)
Zero T and Beta 2 – Bizzy Time (Break Remix) – CIA
Trisector – Morning Sun – Medschool
Alpha Omega – Decade 303 – Thermal

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This time round, Skinny of the Rastachaun crew, presents a rather excellent selection of tunes of influences, inspirations and personal selections. A fine look at whats happening outside of the drum and bass genre from one of Ireland’s jungle soldiers.

From the Man Himself

“I’ve always enjoyed putting tracks together that I like, making the so called mix tape although I wouldnt call this a mix. Its more a collection of tunes that I like and the film clips in between are just there to make it flow a little better I guess . Ive been doing this since as long as I could work a tape recorder, I used to listen to the radio and I’d have a little tape recorder sitting beside it with the PLAY, REC and PAUSE buttons all pressed down and as soon a a tune came on the radio that I liked id unpause it. (nobody would be allowed in my room while this went on as they would be heard on the recording). It’s something I have done ever since, whether it’s juts putting a few tracks on a CD for the car or putting a playlist together for my MP3 player its all the same.

Burial – Endorphin
Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm
Digital Mistics – Ancient Memories
Death in Vegas – Girls
Many Fingers – I Just want someone
K3Bee – a.i
Davwuh – 1996
Múm – Dancing behind my eyelids
Mad ep VS Shadow Huntaz – Travel the Night
Benga – Light Bulb
Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane
Loefah – Goat Stare
Fada – We Become Shattered (Parallel Remix) SCD009

Yup! Catching up with the rest of the universe on this one…IDNB is happy to announce we have a new podcast for the site! To start off with we have the live sets from OneSevenFour in August…

Upcoming shows will include crap from IDNB HQ…both mixed, and general sort of radio show style.

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Keywords: Irish Drum, Night Special

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His debut album “Skeptic” was released in 2006 on Canadian label Make:Shift and showed the range of his unique style, incorporating ambient and jazz alongside his obvious love for jungle rhythms as well as downtempo beats. Starting out as a graffiti artist, earning commissions from local councils in the UK, Goldie moved to America when he began fitting gold teeth, and where he also appeared in the grafitti art-movie ‘Bombing’.