Olymberyl Gabriel HF332 up to 5.0kw multi fuel

By: Ireland Stoves  05/12/2011
Keywords: Wood, cast iron, solid fuel

Our best seller - this stove will heat a room size of up to 55m2. If you think that the average living room is around 16m2, then this mighty entry-level stove will be more than enough, if all you want to do is heat a typical sized room. At this price it makes it a great little stove for a garden shed, artist’s studio or workshop too.

Multi fuel burning gives you more choice, including wood

Why have a wood burning stove when you can have a multi fuel stove which also burns wood? With the Olymberyl Gabriel not only can you burn wood, but you can safely use standard coal, brown coal nuggets, briquettes, turf or peat.

Quality standards throughout

The Olymberyl Gabriel is CE approved and conforms to EN13240, the European standard for stove safety and efficiency - beware of any stoves that don’t meet this critical standard.

Clean burn’ technology for improved performance

Olymberyl’s secondary burn system ensures cleaner and more efficient combustion of the solid fuel and is therefore better for the environment. The insulated fire box maintains the temperature at a level which is sufficiently hot enough for the combustion of any gases and particles which have escaped from the initial burn. This reduces emissions whilst greatly increasing the efficiency and performance of the stove. The single fire door feature also adds to the increased efficiency. Complies with European, North American and Australian / New Zealand standards for emissions.

Air wash system for a cosier look

The air wash system utilises preheated air from the top of the fire box which has been created by the secondary burn system. This preheated air is forced down across the inside of the front door glass, burning the unwanted particle deposits, to provide a clearer view of the fire.

Overnight Burn facility for easier operation

This simply allows the stove to continue safely burning overnight, but at a much slower rate. You wake up to a warmer room and a stove which can be quickly and easily brought up to full working temperature.

Built for years of faithful service

Long lasting cast iron construction and heat resistant high chrome internal castings. 5 year comprehensive manufacturer’s


HF332 Technical Specifications
Standard finish

Traditional Black

Water Boiler


Net weight


Flue outlets

Rear and top

Flue size

125mm / 5”

Minimum efficiency


Maximum CO emissions


Heat output to room

5kw / 17,070 BTU

Heating capacity

Up to 55m2

Grate capacity (eg wood)


Dimensions (mm)

H670 W460 D400

Log Sizes
Typical log length 250mm (10")
Max length (diagonal) 300mm (12")
Depth / Width / Dia approx 150mm (6")

Olymberyl are constantly improving their stove range and therefore all product specifications, designs, dimensions and materials may be subject to change without prior notice. If any aspect of your product decision is critical then please contact us, we’re always happy to help and advise.

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Keywords: cast iron, solid fuel, Wood, wood burning

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