Sensiba San Filippo |  Assurance, Advisory & Review

By: Ireland San Filippo  05/12/2011

Sensiba San Filippo |  Assurance, Advisory & Review

As many companies have come to understand, audits and reviews are often not performed for the benefit of company management or owners. They’re performed to provide the reliable, standardized, accurate reports issued by company management to interested stakeholders — its creditors, investors, vendors, or even potential acquirers. Our assurance and advisory professionals help you understand and anticipate what a company outsider will see, internalize and question, and help you best prepare to respond to any questions or feedback.

Our audit approach embodies our belief that the audit should be a proactive, integrated process rather than a post-mortem exercise. To provide our clients with maximum value from the audit requires approaching the audit as a process that involves an understanding of your business and your industry, consistent communication, and knowledgeable and consistent staffing. Contemporaneous discussion and consultation regarding live transactions — not historical ones — provides the very best platform for the transfer and implementation of knowledge and value.

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