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By: Ipm Logic  05/12/2011
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At the heart of IPMLogic.

IPMLogic has developed a proprietary system that allows companies and research institutes to significantly reduce risks of losing sensitive data, while concurrently increasing new innovative throughput and time to market.

Our founder and CEO, John McGuire, MBA is introducing his proprietary system “IPMLogic SecureIT”. This system has helped our clients quickly identify data security risks and catapult research Institutes into the global market rankings.  “SecureIT is a new approach that is driven by customer co-creation and speed.

Funding agencies are looking more and more for research Institutes to be accountable for their operations and TRUST is a key factor of any funding decision.

StakeHolders Place TRUST in Projects:

A research project's Trust Foundation:

1/ Public's acceptance of conclusions relies on trustworthy methods

Implies integrity and accuracy of findings

2/ Significance of findings relies on input granted from many trusting participants

Implies respectful treatment of personal information collected

3/ Funding relies on generosity of trusting funding parties

Implies responsible management of project resources


Business & IP Strategy
• We can help you establish an effective IP strategy and management process:
• Assess your target market, competitors, and customers
• Set up processes to manage your Intellectual Assets
• Develop an IP strategy aligned to the strategic goals of your business
• Identify areas for IP investment
• Optimise cost versus return for IP investment

IP Discovery
• We can assess your company’s hidden Intellectual Assets and help you to protect them:
• IP reviews
• Prior art searches
• Invention disclosure and recording
• Patent application process

IP Realisation
• We can help you to maximise the value of your company's IP portfolio:
• Realise commercial value for intellectual property - maximise return, minimise costs
• Identify prospects – market players: competitors, customers, alternate products or services
• Develop the value proposition and sales strategy
• Licence negotiation


IP Acquisition
• We can help you acquire access to the IP of others when your business needs it:
• Independent exploration of market place for strategic IP/IA
• Landscaping to identify sources
• Market analysis to assess value
• Licence and contract negotiation
• Invisible – without alerting potential competition or threats

IP Portfolio Management
• We can help establish and run the time consuming and administrative intensive process of managing your company’s IP portfolio:
• Invention discovery process
• IP reviews at product concept and pre-launch
• Independent prior art research and recording
• IP landscaping through product development life cycle
• Renewals and cost management
• Management information and tracking
• Portfolio review

   In the current economy and competitive environment, speed is the difference between success and failure. Historically, many companies did not know what Intellectual Property they had, IPMLogic can run an IP Audit on your software and provide results in the form of a management report. Putting our clients in a competitive advantage.
  Our consulting services and solutions provide a tremendous return on investment. As we significantly increase  output, Not to mention millions of euros in lost innovation opportunities.
IPM Logic Is a NEW company, founded in 2009 but the Management are well tested with have over forty years experience. Because we work on a project rather then an hourly basis, our clients know exactly what to except for their flat project costs. This is positioned IPM Logic with the best reputation for predictability serving its clients beyond their expectations.
Before IPM Logic accepts an engagement, we always spend an extraordinary amount of time to verify that our services will achieve specific results for our respective clients
Our entire focus is on clearly understanding the goals that you need to achieve and then delivering world-class results beyond your expectations. We have been so successful at delivering client results that we receive 90% of our new business from clients recommending us to their associates and colleagues.

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Intellectual Property Management & Data Security Solutions

Open Source Policy: Get expert help and advice with creating a customised open source software policy that fits with your organisations strategy. IPMLogic offer on-going professional services and support to our clients to help outline and scope relevant IT solutions required. Security Assesment and Awareness• A review of relevant regulations, legislation and Security Awareness training workshops.