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By: Iperior  05/12/2011
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Virtually all new entertainment and communications platforms are built around the Internet. Broadband penetration is rising and will continue to, connection speeds will continue to increase rapidly. Phones are becoming useful tools for navigating the Internet.

Your customers are spending a growing amount of time online, no matter who they are and your marketing plans need to factor this in.
Traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective:

There are now hundreds of TV channels – people change channel to avoid ads or fast forward them with digital video recorders
People watch video and TV online now, YouTube alone serves over half a billion videos a day
More people listen to iPods, less listen to the radio. There are thousands of radio stations online
Magazine circulations are falling and people are reading content online for free instead
Many people do not purchase a daily newspaper
Many young people spend a significant amount of time interacting with newer entertainment and communications platforms like social networks and computer games

It is worth noting that people who spend a lot of time online are a disproportionately valuable audience in a lot of ways; they tend to be younger and well-educated and have high disposable incomes.
It is also cheaper for you to do business with people online than it is for you to deal with them offline.
Have a look at our to see how we have built and implemented new online marketing strategies for our customers.
marketing will help you to find customers and prospects immediately and monitor your return on investment.

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People will use your site to gauge the quality of your business and will make assumptions about your products and services based on what they see online. No business can take advantage of the considerable opportunities created by the internet until they first establish a credible online presence. If your business wants to operate effectively online you need to create a site that does justice to your products and services.


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Iperior recognise that small businesses want to get online quickly and cost-effectively so they can establish a web presence for credibility/brand purposes and also begin to test the Internet as a marketing channel. Setting up a custom-built site can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition and low-end template-based products typically have poor functionality, no expandability and hidden costs.


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Help you create online events to communicate with your customers and prospects. Search engines prioritise sites according to the uniqueness of their content. You need to tell your story and differentiate yourself from your competitors. You need to convey an appropriate brand message to your visitors. You need to communicate with and support your existing customers. Help you listen to your customers and get their feedback online.


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Spot problem pages fast and improve site design rapidly. Cross-check third-party marketing campaign data. Track and improve online marketing ROI. Web analytics info lets you.


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You can use direct response marketing like search engine advertising and content advertising to find people who are potentially interested in your products and services and bring them to your site. Iperior can work with you to create expertly designed and highly effective direct response marketing campaigns. You don’t need to book media time/space in advance so you can respond to business requirements immediately.


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As previously discussed in the online marketing section, people are changing they ways they spend their time, they are changing their media consumption patterns. It allows you to benefit from positive brand association with the content owners, eg Google, The Irish Times, Facebook, YouTube. We interact with the media and content owners on your behalf and use our relationships with them to benefit you.