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By: Involvehr  05/12/2011

InvolveHR offers services in the following areas:
  • Strategic HR Plans - the design of integrated plans to maximise alignment between Business, HR and Individual needs and objectives
  • Change Management - the design of Frameworks, Strategies and Communications Programmes to facilitate the achievement of change objectives
  • Cost Management - the design of strategies and programmes to maximise efficiencies and deliver measurable savings in people costs
  • HR Function Effectiveness - the design of optimal structures and service delivery models to ensure the provision of high-quality, cost-effective services
  • HR Policy and Programmes - the creation of policies, programmes and processes to meet business and legislative requirements

  • Organisation Structures - design of structures at organisation, business unit and function levels to meet business, financial and service objectives
  • Role Families - creation of high level groupings of similar or related roles
  • Role Specification - design and documenting of role requirements in terms of purpose, responsibilities, key performance measures and the knowledge, skills and competencies (KS&Cs) required for effective role performance
  • Knowledge, Skills and Competencies - design and application of KS&C Dictionaries to role families, roles and individuals
  • Demand/Supply Forecasting - forecasting future "Demand" (based on work to be done) and "Supply" (numbers and types of people required) to inform resourcing and cost management plans

  • Design and implementation of PM policies, systems and processes
  • Training in the effective use of PM - Objective Setting and Performance Review
  • Design of Personal Development Planning policies and processes
  • Building clear links between PM and reward programmes

  • Design of Total Reward Policy and Strategies
  • Executive Compensation - design of fixed and variable components
  • Cash Remuneration - design of Grading Structures, Base Salary Systems and Performance Related Pay (PRP) Structures
  • Incentive/Bonus Scheme Design for staff at all levels
  • Employee Benefits Design
  • Recognition Scheme Design - for sales and other staff

  • Design of business-led Rightsizing Programmes - to achieve specified business, people and financial objectives
  • Contingency Plans - design of measured and timely actions in response to deteriorating business performance
  • Organisation structure re-design - to maximise financial savings and enhance accountability
  • Design and modelling of "exit packages" - to deliver required financial savings within acceptable cost parameters
  • Re-design of Remuneration Programmes - to align future staff costs (fixed and variable cash compensation, benefit plans) with expected business results
  • Business Case Preparation - design/validation to ensure acceptable ROI and payback
  • Change Management & Communications Strategy - to ensure acceptance and support among key stakeholders

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