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By: Interactive Classroom Solutions  05/12/2011
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We offer an extensive full range of complimentary accessories from Hitachi and other market leading manufacturers to ensure you get the solution that best suits your requirements.

Hitachi’s BT2G wireless graphics tablet enables you to interact wirelessly with your FX-Duo interactive whiteboard from a range of up to 20m. Incorporating reliable Bluetooth wireless technology, the BT2G enables teachers to control their computer and interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom and/or allows students to interact with information from their seats.

Hitachi’s SX200WG+ wireless module connects your PC to your FX-Duo interactive whiteboard, wirelessly. Incorporating reliable Bluetooth wireless technology, the SX200WG+ replaces the wired USB communication between your PC and FX-Duo interactive whiteboard.

Visualisers provide another effective teaching tool which enable teachers to display real-time images of any static or moving object onto your FX-Duo interactive whiteboard for whole class teaching. You can also capture images with Starboard software and use captured images to create new interactive lessons. Visualisers enable you to share more digital content. View a science experiment in real time with your class, or display a book on your interactive whiteboard as you highlight key sections.

Mobile Floorstand
Add mobility to your interactive whiteboard with Hitachi’s height-adjustable floor stand, equipped with sturdy locking casters. Motorised height adjustable floorstands also available to accommodate whiteboard & short throw projector.

Classroom Audio Systems
Our integrated classroom systems include audio support as standard. Alternatively you can upgrade your existing system(s) with our 30W stereo audio system. Provides 2x independent audio inputs + convenient wired remote control.

Cable management
Our integrated classroom systems include a labeled system connection and associated system cabling. Allows teachers to intuitively connect to the system without having to understand the system’s detailed cabling.

Keywords: Classroom Solutions, Classroom Systems, Interactive Classroom Solutions, interactive whiteboard,

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Whichever solution you choose you?ll have an intuitive easy-to-use interface with worry-free warranty support, supported by in-school teacher training by one of our qualified trainers. We?ve selected products that work well either on a stand-alone basis or integrate well to provide robust, integrated classroom systems suitable for most schools once installed.


Interactive Classroom Solutions - Products - interactive front projection whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards enable teachers and students to control computer applications or explore the web directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to distribute, share or re-use later. Interactive whiteboard systems combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer and multi-media projector, to transform classrooms and create dynamic e-learning environments.


Interactive Classroom Solutions - Products - interactive lcd displays

Hitachi?s compact, high resolution, interactive LCD displays combined with StarBoard operating software, offer the ideal interactive whiteboarding solution where larger screen sizes are required (e.g. auditoriums or halls). Where schools want to incorporate increased interactivity into existing projector and screen systems without having to uninstall and re-install equipment to accommodate different throw distances and screen sizes.


Interactive Classroom Solutions - Products - voting system

The system provides direct wireless connection between you and your students via a radio frequency remote student handset and a central receiver, complete with Hitachi?s StarBoard whiteboarding software and Cens-us assessment software. VerdictPlus includes 1500 curriculum related questions and supports True/False, Alpha/Numeric and Yes/No question formats with single and multiple responses supported.