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By: Inspire Quality Services  05/12/2011
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Advanced ScrumMaster

Come, play and learn how to become an even better ScrumMaster! This two-day workshop explores and develops the skills necessary to become a highly effective ScrumMaster and to build a high performing team. This workshop is structured around your participation in several agile games that you are encouraged to take away and try with your own teams. Building upon the foundational CSM course, this course will move you more towards a professional level, allowing you to realise more of the untapped potential of you and your team. The trainer will draw on all of their experiences coaching teams and mentoring ScrumMasters to highlight the common success and failure modes and, as with all of our courses, it is highly interactive and fun.

Course Agenda

There will be discussion, theory, games and exercises around the following subject areas:

  • Scrum Team Formation
  • Coaching Scrum Teams
  • Feedback within Scrum Teams
  • How to handle difficult team situations
  • Collaboration in Scrum Teams
  • Scrum Meeting Facilitation Skills
  • Planning & Retrospective Techniques
  • & many more

Who Should Attend

For people who are, or soon plan to be a ScrumMaster and have been on a CSM course or have equivalent knowledge.

Geoff Watts - Tutor

Geoff Watts is the longest serving UK-based Certified Scrum Trainer and was also the first Certified Scrum Coach in the UK. Geoff has a wealth of experience and stories to share as well as a firm belief in learning while having fun and the feedback from class attendees is that not only do people enjoy the classes but that they also learn more.

Sample client testimonials

Anyone who plans to follow a long-term career as a ScrumMaster or a coach should not miss the Advanced ScrumMaster course. The material, exercises, feedback, insight and structure were outstanding.
Dave Peacock
A fun and thought-provoking way to put the Master into ScrumMaster.
Chris Large
UK Utilities Company

Keywords: Scrum Coach

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