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By: Infrared Ireland  05/12/2011
Keywords: heating, Powder Coat

Ceramic Infrared Heater: Overview

The infrared patio heater consists of 1 (PubSun1) to 4 (PubSun4) highly emissive ceramic heating elements mounted in a directional, reflective unit.

It is designed to gently warm people in an outdoor covered area using the principles of infrared radiation.

Technical Details

  • Available in a range of sizes as per table 1 with power outputs as per table 2.
  • Versions available for use with single phase 220/240V and 110/120V supply voltages (not all versions suitable for 110/120V - see table 1).
  • IPX4 rated.
  • Supplied with 1.5M (59") 3 core mains flex (white).
  • Internal reflector manufactured from polished aluminised steel for optimum reflectivity.
  • Outer case available in red powder coat finish, almond powder coat finish, green powder coat finish, or in metallic finish (polished aluminised steel).


* dimensions not including mounting brackets

Finish Options

Pubsuns with almond powder coat finish are fitted with almond coloured ceramic emitters.

Pubsuns with red powder coat finish and metalic finish are fitted with white ceramic emitters.

The standard emitters fitted is the ceramic type FTE-LN.

Why PubSun?

It's the NUMBER 1 System in Ireland PubSun is manufactured in Ireland and is the market leading patio heater of choice due to it's robust yet safe and proven design. It is an affordable solution for creating a comfortable outside area with a fast payback on investment.

Unique PubSun benefits

  • Extremely Safe
  • No Fumes
  • Low Cost of use
  • All units mounted overhead
  • Suitable for undercover use
  • No uncomfortable red glare
  • Instant Heat
  • Easy to organise seating & tables
  • No expensive gas bottles to replace or store
  • Emitters are guaranteed for 10,000 hours
  • No glass/no bulbs
  • Easy installation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Low lifecycle costs

Ceramic Technology for optimum Heating & Durability

It is clear why many businesses are opting for ceramic infrared technology heating solutions. Due to safe and long wavelengths of ceramic infrared technology, the PubSun provides a much more gentle delivery of heat to the outside area, unlike other types of heating, thus resulting in a softer, more comfortable environment.

Ceramic technology boasts a significantly increased life span and completely safe for customers and staff, as there are no expensive glass bulbs to break or replace. This technology is also not susceptible to any damage from high current surges, unlike glassbulb alternatives. PubSun offers maximum durability and delivers a staggering 10,000 hours of comfortable heating. And it is maintenance free - fit and forget!

Keywords: heating, Powder Coat