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By: Infodak  05/12/2011

Database Development

Giving a customer efficient and flexible access to large amounts of data is a complicated challenge. Infodak has the knowledge and experience required to design and implement powerful database solutions. We have a strong command of the major database platforms, we know how to maximize system performance, and we understand the critical issues of database maintainability and internal consistency. We consider it a priority to ensure that our database solutions can expand and evolve as a client�s data storage and retrieval requirements grow.

New Technology Development

Helping companies to develop new technologies and to create new products based on those technologies is a core part of Infodak�s service offerings. Our staff have the skills and experience needed to take the seed of a new technology and develop it into a fully-functional, commercial product. This service provides companies, from startup to multinational, with a cost-effective alternative to in-house technology and product development.

Software Applications

Infodak provides complete software development services, as well as maintenance for systems after implementation. Our services encompass project management, software design, software development, quality assurance, documentation, and technical support. We employ a combination of emerging technologies and traditional technologies with application-specific toolkits to provide our clients with the appropriate technology to address their software development requirements.

IT Consulting

Whether a client is grappling with a single specific issue or a complex tangle of systems, Infodak�s team can help develop an innovative and cost-effective solution for each situation. We are familiar with many legacy systems, and we keep pace with emerging technologies. We have the ability to understand and analyze difficult problems, plan appropriate courses of action, and implement the solutions.

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