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By: Infodak  05/12/2011


DiSCIS - Disability Services Client Information System

For any agency that provides a service to people with intellectual disability, DiSCIS provides the easiest and most complete record management system available. Agencies that are required to provide information for the National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD) will find DiSCIS an invaluable tool.

DiSCIS is a client information system, specially designed to manage client information for any agency or group working with people with intellectual disability. All your key data is recorded for assessment of current and future service requirements. It provides a comprehensive set of reports that are easy to generate and contain the data YOU want.

DiSCIS Enterprise

DiSCIS Enterprise is the solution to provide up-to-date service user information to multiple agency staff. Service user records are stored securely on your local network with username and password access for appropriate staff members.


DiSCIS Solo is an easy to use and cost effective solution. It is designed for the smaller agency or site where the service user data would be accessed from a single PC.

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