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By: Inchbeg Fishing School  05/12/2011
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For beginners.. 

Fly Fishing lessons (wet fly and dry fly) are available in season from March to September. We'll provide all the equipment (except the wellies!), show you the ropes and the good spots, then leave you to get the gist of it yourself. It's a lot less tricky than it looks!

For those who know what they're doing..

We'll take you to the river, walk you along the bank to show you the lie of the water, let you know which flies go down best with the fish and then leave you to your own devices. If you need any help, we'll be but a yell away. And yes, you do get to keep your catch if you want to. Please note though: unlike many commercial fishing environments, our banks are au natural. While we preen them a bit, they are by no means completely clear. Trees do overhang the banks and there are long grasses at the water's edge. We keep it this way for two reasons, firstly, it looks better, secondly, flies congregate in the shady spots and where you get flies, you get fish. Ergo..

For vegetarians, the squeamish and those a bit iffy about actually catching something..

Simple: we cut the hook off the fly. You get the fun of fishing, the fish doesn't get caught (just a bit confused as to why the fly it just tried to eat didn't get swallowed). Win win! 

What about the weather?

If it's sunny, the River Field is glorious! But if it's rainy, you will require all the usual paraphernalia - hat, warm coat, waterproofs and most importantly, wellies. 

Do note though, high winds can make fly fishing nigh on impossible. If it's windy, we might recommend you try another type of fishing - spinning or worm fishing - which, although less fun, is more likely to result in a catch. (That's not a promise, obviously!)

What about food and drink?  

If you let us know in advance, we can organise picnics and suppers. Our menu includes a wide range of salads, sandwiches and soups that you can tuck into on the bank or in the shed, depending on the weather. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten/lactose-free diets can be easily and tastily accommodated. All our food is homegrown (pesticide free) where possible. Where that's not possible, it's organic and/or locally sourced. Where that's  not possible, it's the best quality we can get.

Flasks of tea and good, proper coffee are available too, and if you let us know in advance what your preferred tipple is, we'll organise for some booze as well. But take note: while there's nothing better than a cold beer on the riverbank, we must insist that you don't get drunk. Drunk people and fast moving water do not mix well. This is only logical.

As for, erm, 'facilities', there are plenty of hedges to do wees behind. If that's a bit too rural for ya, there's a proper loo in the outhouse at our place over the road :)

Keywords: fishing, Fishing School, fly fishing,