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By: Image Gallery Lab  05/12/2011
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Image Gallery excels in personalized service, high quality and quick turnaround. Below are the average delivery times on our dental products and services:

  • • Standard turnaround time is typically 5 working days
  • • 3M ESPE Zirconium Lava™ – 6 days
  • • Implants – 8 days
  • • Cosmetic cases – 5 days (if scheduled)

Reconstruction, precision attachment and complex cases may require additional time due to their complexity. Please contact us for a time estimate for your specific need. (614) 889-2311

Image Gallery offers a full range of dental restoration products and services.

Personalized Coloring

Image Gallery takes great pride in the work coming from our laboratory. Every hand crafted crown is thoroughly inspected at each step of the design process, and a final inspection before leaving the lab to ensure quality. To help fabricate our quality crowns, we offer custom color matches in our lab to determine the exact value, chroma and hue of the tooth. This procedure is both quick and painless for the patient, yet it assists the technicians in achieving the best color match. Whether it is a single crown or a full mouth rehab, a custom shade is a great choice for making sure the results meet everyone’s expectations.

The first step in the custom shade process is using our state of the art X-Rite Shade Vision System. This tool takes a digital image of the existing tooth, and records it in the computer, which then lets us print out the image so it is easily accessible and can stay with the case.

The second and final step is using our Nikon D90 camera with an attached light unit. This allows us to take exceptional photos, especially up close, so that every detail can be recorded. The entire process takes less than ten minutes, and along with the X-Rite form, these pictures can be either printed out or moved onto a computer in front of the technician so that it can be easily referenced as the crown is being made.

We are especially proud of creating the proper anatomy, contour, color and surface texture for all our crowns. Let us show you how we can make beautiful smiles for your patients!

All Porcelain Crowns and Laminates

We offer three different ways of hand crafting all porcelain crowns and laminates to meet your cosmetic needs. It is no secret that all porcelain crowns or laminates are the most cosmetic pleasing restoration we can offer our patients. The reason is simple - light travels through the porcelain contacting a natural tooth and then reflects back to the eye which then perceives a natural tooth. But to get the desired end result it is important to know the shade of the prepped tooth. The three different products we offer are as follows:

• Feldspathic Porcelain built on Refractory Models

Very few laboratories offer this technique because it is very difficult and labor intensive. But this porcelain is by far the crème de la crème of porcelain restorations. We are able to layer many different colors into the crown and put the color exactly where it is supposed to be. We build our anterior teeth directly on the models using Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3, made by the world-famous manufacturer of exquisite china. Noritake has exceptional handling characteristics to allow for the most lifelike restorations possible. This porcelain also has screening porcelains allowing blockage of darker teeth and still resulting in life like restorations.

• IPS E.MAX Press Restorations

Made of lithium disilicate this technique is also very aesthetic and is stronger than the feldspathic porcelain. We work with a variety of ingots of pressed porcelain, then cut back and layer different colors and translucencies to get the desired shade. The pressed units are fabulous for bleached teeth. With this system we can also make bridges and inlay/onlays. We can help to evaluate which system will give the most desired result for your patient’s needs.

• 3M ESPE Lava™ Zirconia CAD/CAM Restorations

With the introduction of Zirconia as a dental material and the CAD/CAM system, clinicians are able to prepare and place all ceramic (high strength ceramics) restorations in the anterior and posterior regions. This is due to the high flexural strength and high fracture toughness of the Zirconia ceramic material. Our Zirconia crowns are made of 3M ESPE Lava™. After extensive research we became a Lava Design Center because this material is the highest quality system offered. The copings can be shaded to the desired color but still have some translucent effect. Because we are a Design Center we have complete control of the design of the coping so the strength of the layered porcelain is not compromised.

Implants – Implant crowns are a great way to replace a missing tooth. It fills in the space where the root used to be, preventing less resorption. It not only provides the structure for the crown, but also allows tissue sculpting.

Image Gallery is well versed in all implant systems and can consult on what will be best for each situation, whether it is a Titanium abutment with a Lava™ crown, or a Zirconia abutment with an E.Max™ crown. The skill and education of our technicians allows us to work with any system and still have the end result look natural.

While we are always willing to comply with whichever implant system is best, we prefer and recommend using Atlantis Custom Abutments. These abutments are proven to not only be great esthetically in the mouth, but to have the strength and sustainability to last a lifetime. In fact, the Titanium abutments come with a lifetime guarantee!

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns – Porcelain fused to metal is a proven technology done by the lost waxing technique. At Image Gallery, we only use high noble & noble metals to make these restorations. However, with gold prices going upward we do offer different percentages of gold in alloy

We currently use Dentsply Ceramco alloy which is made in Germany. This is a very reputable company who offers quality alloys and is part of the Identalloy Certificate System. Using metals that are compatible with the oral environment and have the proper coefficient with the porcelain helps us make the decision on which materials are best for your patients. The reality is porcelain is glass, and glass can fracture. However, created properly with cusp-fossa relations and metal substructures designed to support the porcelain, these types of restorations can last ten to twenty years.

Gold Crowns - Gold crowns will always be used in dentistry. For this restoration we are currently using a 56% gold. With gold prices skyrocketing we try to use a metal that will keep the tissue healthy as well as your pocket book. The metal of choice is currently Ney-Oro®. If you go any lower than the 56% gold you will get the pink rose color of alloy instead of the yellow gold. Obviously molars that have very little occlusal room are perfect for the gold crown.

Diagnostic Wax-Up – Cosmetic dentistry is detailed and challenging work. Preliminary wax-ups are a cost-saving way to ensure your patients will be pleased with the final result of their restoration, working out any potential difficulties ahead of time. Once function and look are approved, we will duplicate the process for the final prosthesis. We also have the capability of making temporaries for you, so that your patients look great throughout their entire dentistry process.

Face Bow – Since perfect symmetry is rarely found in nature, special attention to detail is key for a beautiful smile. For anterior work, we know the importance of getting the same angle from the patient to the articulator so that we can fix any cants that might be created naturally. We are able to loan you a face bow if you should need one, because we believe in being better than close – our goal is to be exact.

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