By: Iic  05/12/2011

kmV innerVison is the unique, automated, vision enabled X-Ray solution that will help you guarantee 100% quality of vital manufactured parts or packages. This solution is delivered in an adaptable, easy to use system, meeting most of your validation needs.

Let kmV innerVision reduce your risk, increase your market advantage, and increase your profitability through continuous quality improvement. The forces that will achieve this goals include reaching 100% quality validation, leading in manufacturing technology, increasing production, and reducing costs by reducing manual inspection.

The product layout of InnerVision

1. Emitter

"Creates the X-ray light and focuses the beam on to the product being inspected."

2. Lens Assembly

Takes the X-ray image of the part being inspected and converts it to a visible image and processes the image to check for internal defects or improper packaging.

3. Part to be inspected

Part to be inspected for internal defects after it has been assembled or packaged.

4. Controller

Supplies the communications and power to the emitter and lens assembly. It also provides the I/O for easy implementation into the production line.

5. Enclosure

Designing per FDA r21 part 1020.40 requirements for safe use on the production floor. Typically 16 gauge stainless steel is used for guarding to meet the above FDA safety requirements.


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