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By: Ignite Coach  05/12/2011
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Leadership Coaching

Personal Leadership:

We are moving from the age of entitlement to the age of personal responsibility. In the current climate personal leadership is a critical success factor for each of us.

Team Leadership:

Discover your habitual leadership style through coaching.
Do you use a dissonant style or a resonant style?
Do you prefer strategic or intimate interaction as a leader/ Can you use either at the right time.
What's your level of emotional intelligence?
These are key questions for leaders.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is about bringing out the best in people and conveying them from where they are now to where they want to be. It is a highly personalised learning process that is tailored to the learner's knowledge base, learning style and pace. It raises self-awareness, uncovers blind spots and enables the executive to accomplish more than otherwise he or she would have.

- Caplan 2003


Coaching helps to create alignment between your work life and the rest of your life. Use coaching to reflect on how well you balance doing and being.
Many people live a life of discontent waiting for things to change so they can live the life of their dreams. Usually however life is what goes on while you're waiting for things to change. Don't live your life in the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Use coaching to create a clear vision of your future while living in the now.


What do you want from your career?
Are you playing to your strengths in your role?
What type of leader are you?
Why should people be led by you?
What habits attitudes and behaviours do you display when acting out of your sub- conscious?
Can you spend more time acting out of your conscious mind?
Some powerful questions to be explored in coaching.
Help to create clarity and focus by engaging an Ignite coach today.

Team Coaching

Our structured Executive Team Coaching is designed to boost your company’s executive team performance. The program works at personal, interpersonal, and group level in the executive team. Executives team members will be better aligned and will have more desire and ability to collaborate. The synergy will boost creativity, productivity, and profits for the organization

Outplacement and career transition

A lot of the standard outplacement offerings in the market are heavily focused on 'outer game' issues such as CV preparation, interview techniques and such. I believe that the outplacement process needs to go a lot deeper than this. This comes from my own experience with career change, career transition and the experience of exiting the corporate world and the challenges all of these present.

The most significant issues for people in these situations are 'inner game' issues such as handling the grieving process, dealing with resistance, finding meaning and strength finding. While these issues may not readily be apparent and in some cases not even understood, this is where the support of a good executive coach is invaluable.

Performance Coaching

It's not how good you are it's how good you want to be! Gandhi once said 'the difference between what we do and what we have the potential to do could solve most of the worlds problems'. So what holds us back from reaching our potential? Usually fear and self-doubt. Use performance coaching to explore and resolve these issues whether at work or on the sports filed Coaching for Performance works.

Coaching for the first 100 days

Are you:

  • Recruiting a senior executive into your organisation?
  • Investing heavily in this process?

Do you want to ensure that they are ‘up and running’ as fast as possible?
Do you have a leader who has just been appointed internally to a Senior Executive position – are they inexperienced at working at this level?
Leaders in this situation benefit from the proactive support provided by an Executive Coach to think through how they form effective relationships at this level and what behavioural shifts they need to make to ensure that they are effective in this new role.

Maximise the impact of the first 100 days
Executive Coaching for your new executives can ensure that you maximise your investment. Having an executive coach can ensure that new appointees are able to ‘make sense’ of the organisation and develop the most appropriate strategies to take the organisation forward.

Philanthropy Coaching

For individuals and families who would like execute a 'living will' or in other words for people who want to put their wealth to work in the Community while they are still living:
Philanthropy Coaching will help you to:

  • Discover your giving motivations;
  • Develop a Giving Mission Statement;
  • Determine which philanthropic opportunities best suit your goals and values;
  • Understand why you give and the difference you would like to make;
  • Create your Personal or Family Giving Plan; and
  • Locate opportunities to make meaning for yourself through active philanthropy or volunteering.
  • Match your giving mission with suitable recipients to ensure a mutually satisfying giving experience

Issue Resolution

Make the personal changes that you want in your life, whether it has to do with what you think, feel, do, or have. Ignite coaches will work with you to address issues. Issues that can be addressed are broad and include: habit change, fears, assertiveness, relationships, confidence and self-esteem, career, communication skills, money and finance, and essentially getting what you want in life.

Walk and Talk Coaching

As simple and easy as it sounds. Getting out into nature is an excellent way to stimulate creativity and gain clarity while talking over issues. We offer an extensive range of locations from the beautiful and inspiring Burren to the magic of Connemara.
This will be a time to remember!

Strengths Coaching

The key to a rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful career is to work where you are challenged by what you do, enjoy what you do and find meaning in what you do. If you can locate this sweet spot you will never have to 'work' again!

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