Perspectives – IDFGlobal | The 1st Choice in Visualization

By: Idfglobal  05/12/2011

Perspectives – IDFGlobal | The 1st Choice in Visualization

3D Imagery is known by many different names – but they revolve around the same thing.

Perspective drawings are the bedrock of presentation material for marketing, development application and proof-of-concept purposes. IDFGlobal leads the world in turnaround time, realism, research programs and sheer impact.

With a modelling team that's one of the largest in the world and our advanced spatial lighting technology, our perspectives have been used to sell billions and billions of dollars of property from all around the world.

Surprisingly, our pricing is very reasonable.

Plans are taken and a virtual 3D model is built of the building – you could say it is the first time the building is 'built'.

Onto the model – or wireframe – textures are applied to create the actual look of the building. A lighting solution using global illumination and photon mapping is created and the computer is asked to ‘render’ the combined algorithms for each pixel to create an image that is an exact replica of what the building will look like when it is built.

Then the artist steps in and works in Photoshop to create the little touches that raise a drawing form ‘ordinary’ to sublime. Don’t be fooled by those companies that don’t follow the rendering with artistic treatment – look at the difference between these examples and then consider – Insert before and after Photoshop treatment.

3D Rendering on its own no matter what program is used is simply not yet at 100% realism nor can a computer become the artist – that’s why we call them Artists Impressions.

Computer generated Imagery (CGI) is an art and a science – without the final treatment from the artist the image depends entirely on the computers analysis of the effect – and computers have not got to the stage where they can become an artist.

It is artistry that makes one company stand out from another.

IDFGlobal has divided its teams in specialist divisions – the skills required to build a 3d model are completely different than the skills required to create a work of art – seldom are they combined in one person. Likewise the skill to set up a lighting solution that makes the image ‘sing’ are quite different from either 3D modeling or artistic treatments.

Art and Science – IDFGlobal recognizes this and has the very best people in each discipline working on every single image we produce. With more staff working on visualisation than any other company in the world, with more than 1000 years of combined experience – why would you go anywhere else?

On average we produce in excess of 2000 images a year which means after 10 years our portfolio is numbered in the tens of thousands – our portfolio simply cannot be matched by any other company in the world despite what they may tell you.

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