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By: Ict Studio  05/12/2011

Unlimited number of items.
There is no limit to the number of items in your storefront, or in a particular category.  
Item Options (ex. Size, Color, Style, etc.)
This built-in feature allows you to assign a unique set of options to any item.  Perfect for items that are sold in different sizes, colors, styles, etc.  The options feature can even make price and weight adjustments automatically, based on your customer's selections.  
Unlimited Categories  
There is no limit to the number of categories in your store.  Each category can hold an unlimited number of items.  We use "Paging" to keep each page in your store organized.  You control how many items are displayed at a time.
Unlimited Subcategories
There is no limit to subcategories, you can even setup your categories in a "Tree" like structure.
Category/Subcategory pages (Detailed pages for each category)
Each category or subcategory has it's own page.  You can customise each category's page by inserting graphics, images, and text - there is no limit as to how much.  You have great control over category description formatting with the built in HTML / Content editor.
Featured Items (Randomly display your best sellers!)
You can designate an unlimited number of items as "featured".  Featured items can be randomly displayed throughout your store.  Great for sale items, perfect for promoting your "Top Sellers".
Featured Items Page (Highlight your hot products)  
In addition to having featured items displayed throughout the store, you also have a customizable page, dedicated solely to your featured items.  This gives you the ability to promote certain products, including a detailed "write up" of them.  
"Contact Us" page
A customisable "contact Us" page where your visitors can find information about your company or online business, and where they can send email to you (from the page).  This page also includes a "Ready to go" email form, which can be used by your customers to send email from your site!
"In the News" section
A customisable "company news" section where you can enter any information (graphics or text). You can call it whatever you want by editing the headings, and buttons.
Built in Search Engine
A search engine is included, let's your customers easily search products and categories.
Robust Shopping Cart/Checkout System
A sophisticated shopping cart system that allows your visitors to easily add, delete, and change items in their shopping cart.  Unlike others, this is a database driven system, allowing for a neat and organized checkout process.  It also includes real-time payment processing for accepting credit cards, etc!
Quick Checkout (fewer screens, faster checkouts)
An organized checkout process takes your customers through a speedy checkout.  The application has a streamlined checkout, less data entry.  Return customers can have a quicker checkout, as the application will remember their billing information, etc. 
Order Status (customer's can check their order status!)
Your customers can follow their order status by logging in to their very own order status page. Here they can get extensive information about their order, including previous orders, and the status of their current orders.
Customer Sign-in
The first time your customers makes a purchase, they automatically become a registered user of your store.  Using their email address and a password that they have chosen, they can view orders, update their account, and make for a speedier next purchase.
Checkout Help pages (for your customers)
A customisable "help" or checkout "info" section where you can display any information (graphics or text) related to your checkout process, billing procedures, shipping policies, etc.  This added feature reduces questions, and unnecessary emails from your customers.
An order confirmation can be automatically sent by email to your customers after they make a purchase online.  You can customize the email message, and you can include many variables such as their name, order number, date, and an http link to their order status.
Automated "Lost Password" Recovery
Your shop handles forgotten passwords with ease.  (let's say your customer forgets their password when returning to your store, or when checking order status).  The built in password recovery page will send your user a personalised email with their password.
*Real-Time Credit Card Payment Processing  
Unlike other web stores, Your ecommerce shop can process credit cards without the web shopper ever leaving your website. The storefront uses the "Advanced Integration Method", formerly known as Direct-Response, to connect directly to your bank for approval codes, fraud screening, Address Verification, and Card Code Verification. Our Package includes built-in support for the Authorize.NET payment gateway.
*3rd Party Payment Processing (no SSL needed)
If you want to accept credit card payments online, we have built in support for the most popular Web link payment gateways. (WorldPay, PayFlow Link,, and PayPal).  This type of implementation is simple, and does not usually require a merchant account.  You can start accepting credit cards online in minutes, and have the funds deposited directly into your bank account.  You do not even need to have your own SSL certificate. 
Pay By Mail Feature (Accept mailed-in payments)
In some cases, you may not want to accept credit cards, or your customer won't have them. We includes a Pay by mail function.  When enabled, your shoppers can bypass the credit card payment process.  You can customize the messages and instructions they receive during the order process (providing mailing information, etc.)

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