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Please read the information provided below then apply using the online application link at the bottom of the page:

Additional information:

Project Classes

There are three project classes available, each with differing resource allocations, review levels and review turnaround times. Applicant should choose the class of project that best fits their requirements. Applicants are also advised to consider forming consortia with other researchers when applying.

Class A "Grand Challenge"

Class A projects are intended for consortia concerned with "Grand Challenge" problems. These groups will require resources representing a substantial fraction of the centre's resources over a long period of time. Successful applications are expected to yield high-impact scientific publications.

Class B "Regular"

Class B projects are intended for the needs of the bulk of the research community. Typically applicants will be small research groups or individual researchers. Successful applications will still be expected to lead to refereed publications.

Class C "Discovery"

Class C projects are intended to provide fast access to modest resources with less review overhead. They have multiple possible uses including: introductory access for inexperienced HPC users; exploratory access for researchers who need to develop, port, optimise or benchmark codes; easier access for users planning small scale runs with very modest requirements; immediate access for researchers awaiting Class A or Class B application approval.

Class C project applicants should note that the maximum resource levels are modest and will be exhausted very quickly if larger scale runs are performed.

Project Limits

Please note, the following limits applied prior to the upgrade of Stokes and following consultation will very probably be changed to reflect the performance of the upgraded system at a later date, should you have any queries regarding this please contact us.

Each project class has its own distinct limits on duration and resource allocation. The table below shows the limits imposed on the various project classes, including resources, and review processes:

  Class A
"Grand Challenge"
Class B
Class C
Max Processor
Core Hours
4,500,000 Core Hours 600,000 Core Hours 25,000 Core Hours
Max Storage
1,500 GB 500 GB 50 GB
Max Project Duration 36 Months 24 Months 12 Months
Application Acceptance Continuous Continuous Continuous
Max Review Duration* Within 12 Weeks of submission Within 6 Weeks of submission Within 2 Weeks of submission

Application Requirements

A project application requires that basic information be supplied along with a detailed project proposal document.

Basic Information

The following basic information is required to apply for a Full National Service project:

  • Project Class - The class (see above) that best suits the project requirements.
  • PI Details - Basic contact information. In the case of Class A applications details should also be provided for any co-investigators.
  • Project Details - Basic project details. This will include a title, scientifc area, funding source, funding grant number, proposed start date, proposed duration, and resource requirements.
  • - A short abstract document in PDF format. The contents of this document will be made publicly available.

Detailed Project Proposal

The following information is required for all applications:

  • Context and Outcome - How does your proposal fit within your research discipline and in what ways will it contribute to the global advancement of science. Applications for Class A projects should take care to explain the "Grand Challenge" nature of their project.
  • Methodology - Explain the approach you intend to follow to meet your objectives. For example, which algorithm(s) and simulation technique(s) do you intend to use, which code(s), etc.

The following additional information is required for Class A and Class B applications:

  • Justification - Describe the performance and properties of the code you intend to use (assuming it already exists - if not, please specify), etc. Explain how many runs you intend to carry out, their memory requirements, expected run-times, on how many CPUs, etc. It is important that all Class A and Class B applications justify adequately the levels of resources they are applying for.
  • Workplan - Applicants are required to provide a short workplan and utilisation profile. This will assist us in determining the likely demand over time and tune our scheduling policies to optimise usage of our resources. Applicants must also specify the number and type of staff who will be undertaking the research described in the proposal (PhD students, post-docs, PI in person). Failure to provide either will result in the application being held back until such information has been provided.
  • List of Relevant Publications - Applicants should include a list of relevant publications (no more than ten) at the end of their proposal.

The following are the guideline proposal lengths for each project class:

  • Class A - 6-10 pages.
  • Class B - 2-3 pages.
  • Class C - 1-2 pages.

Application Form

To apply please fill out the online application form:

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