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By: Ibood  05/12/2011
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  • iBOOD return policy

    There are several reasons to cancel or return (a part of) your order. For each return reason there’s a separate procedure. Therefore please read the return policy carefully to avoid any problems with your warranty claim.

    Beware! In case you are planning to return a product, it’s important to return the product in the original packaging, with the invoice enclosed. And Please make sure you send it prepaid and with a decent wrapping.

    For any return procedure you will need both the original packaging and the invoice. In case you have lost the original invoice, you can download a copy from ‘My orders’ at the ‘My iBOOD’ section on

  • Who will pay the return shipping costs?

    In case of a DOA, or a defect within the first 6 months after delivery, iBOOD will refund the return shipping costs.

    • For UK customers we advise to ship with Royal Mail.
    • Irish customers we advise to ship with An Post.

    If a defect occurs after six months, iBOOD will not refund any return shipping costs. Also return shipping costs in case of a cancellation are for your own account.

  • Cancellation within 7 workdays

    In case you are not completely satisfied with your order, you can cancel the order. This needs to be done within 7 working days, and the product needs to be complete and undamaged. To cancel, you can go to the ‘My orders’ overview in ‘My iBOOD’.

    The following products cannot be cancelled:

    • Products that have been received more than 7 workdays ago
    • Products that have been used
    • Products that do not have their original packaging or the package is damaged
    • Products that are damaged or incomplete
    • Products with a broken warranty seal
    • Consumption products like batteries, fluids, lamps
    • Products for personal care and hygiene like razors, toothbrushes and in-ears.

  • Delivery is damaged (transport damage)

    When you receive your order, it is very important to check the packaging for any damages. If you notice any damage, you can either refuse the shipment or accept the shipment and notify the driver about it.

    Beware! In case of transport damage, please inform iBOOD Customer Service department within 7 workdays after receiving your package. Go to ‘My orders’ in ‘My iBOOD’ and select the shipment that is damaged. Follow the given directions carefully. After these 7 workdays neither iBOOD nor the transport company can be held liable for any damages and you cannot file a complaint.

    After you have informed the iBOOD Customer Service, we will request for an investigation with the transport company. The transport company will then need approximately 4-6 weeks to complete this investigation. Unfortunately iBOOD cannot influence or speed up this procedure.

  • The product is defect on arrival (Dead on Arrival = DOA)

    When you have received your product, it is very important to check your product for any damages or defects within 7 workdays. If you notice that it’s damaged or it does not function (properly), please report it as a DOA (Dead on Arrival).

    Beware! A DOA needs to be registered within 7 workdays. To register a DOA, please go to ‘My orders’ in ‘My iBOOD’, select the product and follow the given directions carefully.

    If possible, we will send you a new product for free, and refund your return shipping costs. In any other case we will give you a full refund including return shipping costs for returning the DOA product. The refund will be made through the same payment method you have used for placing your order.

  • The product is defective within warranty period

    In case your product turns out to be defective within the warranty period you can claim your warranty. The warranty period is mentioned in the product specifications of the offer which you can find on the product forum on our website.

    To prevent any faulty claims, read the manual and instructions given by the manufacturer carefully. Defective products can be reported via ‘My orders’ at ‘My iBOOD’. Select the right product and follow the given instructions carefully. The Customer Service will contact you as soon as possible.

    Beware! The following cases are excluded from your warranty:

    • Damages caused by misusage
    • Water damage
    • Broken screens and displays
    • Products for personal hygiene like razors, toothbrushes, in ear earplugs, which have been used
    • Products from which the seal is broken
    • Consumption goods like batteries, liquids, perfumes, lamps etc

    The repair procedure of a product takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks, iBOOD cannot influence or speed up this process. In some cases, we will redirect you to a repair centre or supplier for handling your defective product. iBOOD does not accept any warranty claims for products that haven’t been purchased from our website.

    After a successful repair we will send the product back to you as soon as possible.

    In case there seems to be no defect, or the warranty has expired, iBOOD and/or the repair center will charge you extra costs. We will either deduct this from your refund if applicable, or the product will be sent back on terms of Cash on Delivery.

    For products that can’t be fixed you will either receive a replacement or a refund. Please keep this in mind when it concerns products like hard disks, media players, camera’s etc.

  • The product is defective after the warranty expired

    iBOOD does not handle any defective products of which the warranty period has expired. We advise you to directly contact the manufacturer to see whether there are possibilities for a repair at your own expenses.

  • Wrong delivery

    In case you received a product that does not meet the specifications of your order, you can report this by going to ‘My orders’ at ‘My iBOOD’. Select the order and follow the given instructions carefully. Our Customer Service will contact you as soon as possible.

  • I don’t know how the product works, what can I do?

    Most products come with a manual or a list of instructions how to operate or use the product. We always advise to read these instructions carefully before using the product. If you still have questions you can check our product forum. Maybe other users have useful information to share. In most cases the manufacturer can help you out as well. You can always contact them directly or via their website. In case none of these solutions have solved your problem, then we advise you to contact our Customer Service by using the contact form on our website.

  • Keywords: customer service, Return Shipping, Shipping Costs

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