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By: Iaypic  05/12/2011
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Who is an asylum seeker? An Asylum Seeker is a person who seeks to be recognised as a refugee. Asylum seekers whose status has not yet been determined are not allowed to work until they have been in this country a year, they cannot apply for local..

What is discrimination? Discrimination is treating someone differently than you would another person based on a perceived difference. Legally under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) every child and young person has equal rights..

What is bullying? Many young people are bullied for no particular reason; bullying hurts and often young people will feel frightened, very lonely and don’t know who they can talk to about the bullying. Sometimes they are afraid to tell someone tha..

It’s the time of year again when some young people may be thinking about getting a part time or summer job. The thought of starting a job for the first time may be a little frightening or off putting. But don’t worry, once you get started there ..

If you are reading this, maybe you are pregnant or maybe you think you are pregnant.  Finding out that you are pregnant is a big deal no matter what age you are. Whether you are in a relationship or single the important thing to remember is that y..

What is an ASBO? ASBOs are civil orders granted by the courts on application by a senior Garda to limit or stop a type of named behaviour. If you break the Order it is a criminal offence. What does ASBO stand for? ASBO stands for Anti-Social Behav..

Stop worrying.  Everyone worries about exams, it’s perfectly normal.  We worry because we don’t know exactly what will be asked.  The fear of the unknown causes great insecurities within us. When studying for exams here are some things to take int..

Who doesn’t worry about their weight? It’s hard not to these days with so many magazines filled with images of skinny models and celebrities.   Teenagers in particular often feel under a lot of pressure to succeed and fit in.  Many spend a lot of ..

What is depression? We all feel down sometimes. Things aren’t going well in some area of our lives and it upsets us or puts us in a bad mood. But Depression is different. While feeling down only lasts for a short while, depression affects you for ..

What is Self-Esteem? Most people’s feelings and thoughts about themselves can change depending on what is going on for them on a daily basis. The grade you get at school, how your friends treat you, ups and downs in your romance, all can have a te..

Keywords: Summer Job

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EPIC was officially launched today by The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Frances Fitzgerald TD, at an event in the Arbitration Centre, Dublin, attended by key policy makers, practitioners and young people in care. On the first anniversary of the Ryan Report IAYPIC joins with 8 other organisations to launch the Saving Childhood Ryan campaign to ensure that the Government delivers on its commitment promised in the Implementation Plan.


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The recent publication by HIQA of the Follow-up Inspection of the HSE Fostering Service in Dublin North West illustrates that foster carers and children in foster care continue to be let down in terms of the supports and services they should have ..


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Child Care Act 1991 The primary legislation regulating child care policy is the Child Care Act 1991 which brought in considerable changes in relation to children in care.Until the main part of the Act was implemented in 1995. Child Care (Placement of Children in Foster Care) Regulations 1995 When a child is in the care of the HSE there are a number of different ways in which care can be provided.


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The predominant reasons children are admitted into the care of the HSE include: neglect/ physical abuse of a child; a parent unable to cope; a family member abusing drugs/alcohol; a child with emotional/behavioural problems. Many young people are bullied for no particular reason; bullying hurts and often young people will feel frightened, very lonely and don’t know who they can talk to about the bullying.


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Parenting Treoir The national federation of services for unmarried parents and their children In 1976 services that were working with unmarried parents came together to form a federation in order to improve the communication between service provid.. Aftercare is a process of preparation and support for leaving care and moving to independent living for all those young people who are or have been in the care of the State.