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Once an agency joins IAPI, every member of the staff and the agency itself has access to the services and benefits of IAPI.

National & International recognition

One of the basic remits of the IAPI is to ensure that its members are recognised by all media owners and receive standard commission rates plus the early payment incentives negotiated by us. IAPI lobby’s on behalf of its members on both national and international level. As a founder member of the ASAI, the Institute is represented on both its board and complaints committee. The Institute is a long serving member of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA). The IAPI CEO is chairman of EACA’s National Association Council and on the board of EACA.


IAPI is on hand to offer this service to both member agencies and on the client side, we can also advise with procurement. IAPI conducts a yearly salary survey of members which allows for up- to- date information. We also publish a guide to Remuneration.


The IAPI legal advisory service covers a wide range of subjects within Irish law, including copyright and other intellectual property rights; data protection issues; the law relating to competitions and prize promotions; contractual issues; industry self-regulation and the interpretation of the Codes; television and radio clearance through the BCC, BACC, and ASAI; dispute resolution. Also available on the IAPI website are legal documents for downloads such as NDA’s for example.


(Advice on topics such as redundancy and dismissal, and staff benefits amongst others are available from IAPI.)


IAPI can advise on topics such as agency management for example.


IAPI can advise all aspects of a pitch, and a client guide to agency selection is available for download from the IAPI website. IAPI has produced a pitch pack which contains all the documents needed to achieve a successful pitch.

IAPI can also offer advice on how to maintain the client agency relationship.

IAPI has also accredited pitch consultants whom have agreed to support the IAPI pitching guidelines. The pitching committee also accredits Pitch consultants, which is help to police the area.

Please note all advice is treated with the uptmost confidence.

Task Forces and Committees

The IAPI Board has set up a number of Task Forces to help deal with issues that face the industry. The following task forces are currently in operation (Please see taskforces for more information on each of these)

  • Pitching
  • Remuneration/ Finance and Membership
  • Legal
  • Events and Awards
  • Recruitment and Education

Alongside these task forces IAPI there is also a number of committees managed by IAPI and comprised of IAPI members

  • Digital Committee
  • Print Production
  • TV Production
  • Finance committee


IAPI ensures that there is a constant supply of talented recruits educated in the profession. IAPI along with DIT runs an evening postgraduate programme designed to educate individuals integrated campaigns for both agency and client side.

IAPI will be developing a new Continual Professional Development programme with EACA for members in 2011 this course will cover core business skills with the latest theory and practice.

IAPI Energisers - are a series of 30 minute thought provoking talks and workshops for members and their clients. Please see events or the IAPI Blog for more information.

IAPI has also provided educational advice on the MSc in Advertising run by DIT and is continuing to support the ITT degree programme in Advertising and Marketing communications which took in the first group of students in 2008.


IAPI houses an online job service, which is a source for jobs in advertising and media agencies. Member agencies can post their vacancies free of charge to this site. There is a fee for non- members.

ADFX Awards

Other Events

IAPI runs quarterly MDs “think tank” forums that in the past have dealt with the issues of remuneration, pitching, and leading recovery in a downturn market. IAPI also works closely with the Kinsale Sharks Festival which is an annual international festival that rewards creative work.


IAPI operates a monthly members newsletters, which outlines relevant news topics and updates members on the work being carried out by both the IAPI board and secretariat.



IAPI is an active member of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA), which has consultative status at the E.U. Through this organisation we are able to participate in lobbying at European level. We ensure that the voice of the advertising agency is heard at the European Commission and in the European Parliament where, increasingly, decisions are being made that directly affect the operation of our business here in Ireland.


In partnership with the AAI, ABFI and DIGI, the Institute co-operated with the Department of Health and Children in introducing a voluntary codes for placement and volume of alcohol advertising in main media. Central Copy Clearance Ireland (CCCI) was set up in February 2003 to ensure that all advertising content for alcohol complies with the ASAI codes. The IAPI also works closely with the Dept. of Enterprise and Trade, the Dept. of Health and the Health Services Executive and the Dept. of Communications.

Publications and Information

IAPI produced two guides in 2008, one was a guide to remuneration, and the second was a best practice guide to selecting Irish Advertising communications, marketing and media agencies both of which are available in both hard and soft copies.


IAPI is heavily involved in the industry media research and sits on all the various committees that organise the research.


This publication contains research on readership of national newspapers and selected magazines, as well as lifestyle statements from adults. It is only available online.


A quarterly publication measuring weekday and weekend activity of radio audiences for all adults 15+. All national and local stations are covered. An online electronic version is now also available.


This publication provides Nett audience figures for outdoor advertising campaigns.


This online research assesses internet usage patterns among Irish consumers.

Business Media Survey

A detailed analysis of the readership habits of business people in Ireland, it is available to purchase from IAPI.

IAPI holds a collective membership of WARC on behalf of members and is available to act as researcher on behalf of member agencies.

Industry Discounts

The Audit Circulation Bureau (ABC)
The Audit Bureau Circulation is an independent audit watchdog service for printed publications. It is owned by the media industry; ABC independently verifies and reports on media performance, providing a major trading currency for media buyers and owners across print, events, digital and evolving platforms. As of 2007 all IAPI members are entitled to Audit Bureau of Circulation data free of charge upon registering.

Newspaper Licensing Ireland

IAPI have negotiated that members do not pay an annual fee for “Vouchering” or reproducing copies of advertisements from the national press.


All of the above named research books are available to IAPI member agencies at a reduced rate.


IAPI has a group rate available to all IAPI members for BARB services.

Partners & Links

The institute has developed a close working relationship with the AAI. Currently IAPI and AAI lobby and present together with and to the Government, BCI, ASAI, NNI, OMA, IBEC and other relevant bodies. IAPI is also a founding member of the Advertising Standards Authority in Ireland (ASAI). IAPI is represented on both its board and complaints committee. IAPI’s involvement with the ASAI helps our members maintain high ethical standards in advertising content.

The IAPI has close links with its UK counterpart the IPA.

The Advertising Benevolent Society (TABS)

The Advertising Benevolent Society - is exclusively devoted to helping people in advertising and related professions who have fallen on hard times. IAPI support TABS in all activities by promoting their activities on the IAPI website and assisting at events.

Room Hire

The IAPI board room is available for hire free of charge to all IAPI members. Our Board room has access to wireless and has DVD facilities.

Keywords: advertising, advertising and marketing