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By: Hyland Sports  05/12/2011
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we’re with you for the long-term

Hyland Sports Surfaces are passionate about building high-quality artificial surface areas for sport, play or leisure. The utilisation of the optimum building materials, coupled with a service of expertise and professionalism will work to deliver new facilities that surpasses expectations.

But the way we see it, the responsibility of the contractor does not end there …

We recognise that an appropriate and disciplined maintenance regime is critical to the long-term quality of any new build facility, be it a 3G Artificial Turf Pitch or a Synthetic Sports Turf area i:e tennis courts, muga, hockey pitches.

In-House Maintenance Teams

In order to ensure we have every possible opportunity to manage the long-term quality of any facility we create, Hyland Sports have invested heavily in state-of-the-art maintenance machinery and trained teams of service engineers.

Whether you are looking for a new facility that requires on-going maintenance, or you have an existing synthetic sports surface that needs a new lease of life, we are pleased to help.

Examples of the services we offer include:

  • Maintenance contracts for weekly, monthly or quarterly visits
  • Drag brushing
  • Grooming
  • Chemical treatments for algae and weed management
  • Power Brushing
  • Infill levels management
  • Seams and joint repairs
  • Line marking

A powersweep carried out on an astroturf surface with a , the or the machine (shown below) on a regular basis will remove any debris trapped within the upper surface which has not been removed by weekly or monthly brushing.
These machines are supremely versatile and can be adjusted to a shallow depth, this means it can be carried out under damp conditions to sweep 3G football pitches and sweep hockey pitches.

Tennis Court Cleaning, Hockey Pitch Cleaning, Football Pitch Cleaning, and Infill Decompaction

This deep clean service for astro turf or synthetic grass can be carried out monthly if necessary, but at a minimum should be carried out twice yearly. The surface is brushed, lifting the top layer of sand/ rubber out sieving it, vacuuming the debris, carpet fibres, ball fluff etc. out and depositing the clean infill back into the playing surface again, where it can be simply worked back in. This process also has the added benefit of de-compacting the infill returning the original feel of the surface.

Hoerger SKU1200 deep cleaning machine fitted to an Avant220, for cleaning tennis courts, 3g pitches, hockey pitches and smaller areas with restricted access, seen here working on a sand filled astroturf tennis court

The front vacuum bags showing the dust and fine debris collected

Refurbishment of synthetic grass, synthetic turf or Astroturf sports surfaces with the Hydrofast System.

The Hydrofast System, developed by our parent company since 2002, and has been used in its current form since 2004. In this form in excess of 1,000,000 sq m of Astro Turf have successfully been treated and there are currently 4 teams on the road covering the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

A full refurbishment needs to be carried out when drainage through an artificial turf, Astroturf™ or artificial grass sports surface ceases to occur, i.e. after heavy rain, surface water fails to drain through the carpet & flushes organic debris to the surface often seen as thick black sludge. This is biological debris which accumulates in the top layer of sand infill. This problem can largely be prevented by the regular removal of surface debris (this could easily have been carried out by regular use of a Cleansweep). This need not be confined to large clubs, as private tennis courts can be treated in the same way.

Once this process has been completed strict adherence to Hyland Sports guidelines for regular maintenance will ensure the surface maintains it’s good looks and playability for years to come.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Synthetic turf , artificial turf or artificial grass tennis courts can be and continue to be successfully refurbished using the Sweepfast Hydrofast system. Once successfully completed the drainage will be restored and the hardening due to compaction virtually eradicated.

On the right these tennis courts have been left to deteriorate due to lack of regular maintenance and subsequently are slippery and dangerous to play on and as such are a perfect candidate for a refurbishment treatment

Firstly if the courts are badly contaminated with moss then they need to be treated with a suitable moss control.

Secondly the deeper contamination and the contaminated sand infill are removed from the carpet. We achieve this using the unique Hydrofast system mounted on an Avant 220 to displace the sand to the surface, once out of the carpet the Hydrofast System immediately lifts it off the surface and moves it out to be collected.

Contaminated material is moved out of the path of the hydro fast machine

Finally after a treatment with a suitable moss control, new kiln dried silica sand infill material is applied and brushed in to the correct depth

The infill on all filled synthetic grass surfaces is subject to erosion whether from the wind or foot traffic, or from the maintenance regime in place and can , if not monitored, cause some infill to migrate from the surface either off site completely or just to the edges, and the seasons can also cause an apparent change in the infill level. Also wear on the carpet can cause the infill levels to start to appear on the surface and become excessively high.

Whatever the effect the advise is still the same, the infill levels must be maintained to

  • protect the surface from excessive wear,
  • prevent the fibres from folding over which can cause the surface to feel slippery whilst exposing more of the material to foot wear
  • and to keep the debris which gathers on the surface near the top to enable easy removal.
  • and in the case of wear and /or compaction of the carpet material excess infill must be removed back to the correct level for safe play.

Deep cleaning of a water-based hockey pitch needs to be undertaken at regular intervals during the life of the surface to prevent build up of contamination, which if left untreated will manifest itself as dirty tide marks left behind on the surface after flooding with the rain guns, or after heavy rain. Deep cleaning, using the technique developed over the past four years by our parent company, will also break up algae growth deep down in the carpet and remove it from the surface.

Images below taken with a 200x magnification microscope of typical algae growth in a water based surface showing stages of treatment.

Algae Growth Before Chemical Treatment

Algae growth 14 days post chemical treatment

Algae Growth Post Deep Cleaning With The SKR Machine

As can be seen from the above photographs the reduction of algae growth in a water based synthetic grass surface is imressive. We achieve this by the delivery of water under high pressure at a controlled height into the surface breaking up the algae and debris and flushing it to the surface, where it is lifted into an on board tank by vacuum, by the use of a Hoerger SKR ( see below). We always recommend where necessary the surface is treated with a suitable chemical before deep cleaning commences, where infestation is not excessive the deciscion may be taken to chemically treat post deep cleaning. Hyland Sports will advise on the recommended course of action at the first free consultation.

Hoerger SKR front mounted head and rear mounted tank / pump unit. The head encapsulates a full width set of high pressure water nozzles and a variable depth rotary brush, the combination of which lifts the contamination from within the carpet and deposits it into the front receptor from where it is pumped into the rear holding tank.

Disposal is carried out into a suitable drainage area and the clean water tank replenished ready for the next pass

Synthetic athletic running tracks, such as polymeric and asphalt, are subject to all the contamination that other outdoor surfaces suffer from, and as such need attention on a regular basis to maintain the grip and to prevent drainage failure. We use the Hoerger KBR machine to clean athletics tracks and return them to use as quickly as possible.

A close up of a dirty athletics track being deep cleaned with the KBR head which drives water at high pressure into the track to break up the contamination and holds it in a suspension in the water.

The front head unit of the KBR which not only does the cleaning but vacums up the sludge which has been removed from the surface and pumps it into the rear tank in one continuous process.

As a close up inspection shows

Seam failures on artificial grass pitches and tennis courts are a potential health and safety risk, and if left unattended will also deteriorate. They can however be addressed in house by purchasing a seam repair kit from Sweepfast or can be repaired by Sweepfast as part of a service.

Here on a baseline on a tennis court the seam to both edges has given way, leading to a serious trip hazard

Artificial Grass Line Marking

Applying additional or new lines to artificial grass, artificial turf or astroturf™ is possible with the correct paint and machinery. Using the correct material ensures that the lines last as long as possible, cutting down on labour costs incurred by using aerosols.

Also using the correct material ensures that the lines are not raised, as raised lines can cause safety issues.

This 3G pitch has been played on constantly and over time has eroded the lines

However once marked out in specialist marking paint the pitch can be transformed

Asphalt Sports Surface Line Marking

Sports-cote is high quality thermoplastic coating for sports surfaces with slip resistant properties.It gives an unbeatable professional finish for your court. Thermoplastic line markings are burned on using a gas burner sand and resin mixture giving a long lasting durable marking. This product is extremely tough and hard wearing.

Also line marking with the correct product is essential to safety and the longevity of the facility.

Badly worn lines make the sports facility look tired and dull

Finished lines make the facility look brand new

Sports Surface Installation

Carpet Laying

Snow and ice present problems for managers of sporting facilities who find themselves under pressure to keep the surfaces open and safe for play during the winter months.

we can provide a winter service to de-ice and clear snow from a variety of synthetic sports surfaces releasing managers and staff from a very time consuming task.

Moss and algae infestation can be a serious problem on all types of outdoor sports and amenity surfaces.

Hyland Sports can provide a prompt and effective service to deal with this now, delay in treatment can eventually mean only a full refurb will restore the surface.

Moss usually has two growth periods during a year, the first in the autumn after which the plant produces spores during the winter ready to germinate in the spring. The second in the spring when the plant produces spores again ready to germinate in the autumn again thus continuing the cycle.

Algae is also a really serious problem on artificial surfaces especially water based hockey pitches, as it can severely impede drainage, especially under the present Irish conditions. If you can see moss on the surface of you court you probably already have a significant infestation. Are your hard courts slippery? this can be entirely due to algae & should be treated promptly.

Sports equipment from Hyland Sports include tennis nets, tennis net posts and winders, football nets and goals, hockey nets and goals, dividing nets etc. etc.

2 Metre Wide Cleaning Mat for easy tennis court maintenance and leaf collecting, litter collecting, sand re distribution, etc etc.

The Cleansweep is a unique piece of equipment to clean tennis court, invaluable to any tennis court cleaner & the professional & amateur grounds person, which can remove foreign objects from relatively level grass, artificial turf surfaces, clay court, shale & asphalt tennis courts, golfing greens, hockey & football pitches, bowling greens etc

3G Rake

The adjustable tines will manage the depth control, and will enable the rake to be lifted completely out of the surface when not in use, or when just brushing is required.

The Hyland Sports System consists of a 2metre straight Dragbrush, a 2 metre Cleansweep and provides a cost effective in house way of maintaining sand filled synthetic grass surfaces. The method of use is as follows:

1) Brush the surface with the yellow side of the brush downwards and the weights on board. This may need doing several times in different directions to de-compact the top of the carpet and bring the sand to the surface.

2) Remove the weights, reverse the brush (now white bristles down) and connect a 2m cleansweep to the brush using the provided R clip, work the surface in both directions.

3) Groom the surface with the cleansweep on its own, this will put the sand back into the carpet.

4) Cleansweep will also collect the debris that has been graded onto the surface by previous operations, take care not to overload the cleansweep or hit anything hard as it will break! Travelling at between 2.5 and 5 mph will generate a static charge on the mat; this charge will attract broken fibres from the surface.

5) Empty debris regularly from the cleansweep, at a collection point.

Keywords: sports surfaces