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By: Hume Coating Inspection Services  05/12/2011
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HCIS independent Quality Management and inspection company.

Services Offered:

Protective paint coating inspection:

The ultimate success of any coating system begins with the specification and we at HCIS offer our clients tailor designed coating specifications based on our industry experience (including eighteen years practical experience in the application of coating systems) as well as the latest industry developments in coating technology - including galvanising.

Fireproof Systems:
HCIS offer the inspection of fireproof systems including thin film intumescent coatings, fire-boarding, cementitious coatings and concrete encasement. In the case of thin film intumescent coatings we can verify the integrity of the proposed system (as proposed by the fire engineer) and check the Certification of the proposed products. In all cases post-inspection reports will be issued to the relevant party.

Industrial Flooring and Containment Lining Systems:
HCIS provides the service of generating specifications for and completing inspections on seamless flooring including Terrazzo, epoxy screeds, polyurethane screeds, coving details and finish coatings.

We also offer conductivity testing of anti-static flooring systems.

Additionally, HCIS can assist clients in generating specifications and inspecting coatings and linings for containment systems (eg) bunds and sumps.

Plant Surveys:
HCIS will at the client's request complete a detailed survey of their facility to establish the scope, priority work list and budgetary costs for maintenance re-painting in particular. This information can be used by the client to establish a rolling maintenance re-painting program with a known works scope and preliminary annual cost over the program's duration. HCIS also offer a Contract Management service to actively manage all re-painting work over the duration of the program.

Contract Management:
HCIS offer client-assisted or turn-key Contract Management on painting and coating works regardless of scope or duration. Our services in this area include -

  • Review and verification of the specification
  • Scope generation and job walk-downs
  • Safety and access requirements
  • Tender clarification (if required)
  • Painter induction and assessment
  • Cleaning, surface preparation and application of coatings
  • Conducting regular progress and safety meetings
  • Capturing data on hours worked, reasons for delays etc. to generate statistical trends on behalf of the client to ensure schedule and cost are maintained
  • Monitoring daily QA records submitted to the client
  • Completing the Hand-over Documentation on behalf of the client

Painting and Coating Inspection:
HCIS offer a fully independent and comprehensive painting and coating inspection service to approved Codes and Standards by a qualified Painting Inspector.

Such inspections can be on a one-off basis or included as part of client-assisted or turn-key painting and coating works. In all cases post-inspection reports will be issued to the relevant party.

Investigation of Paint and Coating System Failures:
HCIS offer a comprehensive service to investigate and report on failures in paint and coating systems. In addition to standard adhesion tests and visual observations, HCIS employ the use of digitally enhanced images of paint and coating systems to detect the possible reasons for failures. In the event full laboratory analysis is required to analyse paint or coating samples, this can also be provided.

In all cases reports will be issued to the relevant party and HCIS can offer assistance in developing a remediation specification for the affected paint or coating system

Architectural Finishes:
HCIS offer a comprehensive service in the inspection of architectural finishes including

  • The supervision of surface preparation
  • The application of terrazzo, epoxy and polyurethane seamless floors
  • Tile, wall and ceiling finishes
  • Clean-room finishes
  • Door finishes and furniture

Training Courses:
With over eighteen years practical experience in the application of coating systems, HCIS can offer a range of tailored training courses by our qualified inspector (both class-room based and with an on-the-job assessment) for paint and coating applicators including painter's induction, the correct use of paint and coating test equipment (DFT gauges, RH meter etc.) assessment of potential paint and coating applicators and specific courses tailored to the client's requirements.

HCIS can offer client specific training programs tailored for technicians and engineers involved with projects and/or maintenance to further their knowledge of paint and coating specifications and enable them gain an understanding of how to apply this knowledge of painting and coating systems to best advantage at the client's facility.

Aware of the need for and the cost of painting and coating works, HCIS can through their

Plant Surveys

and tailored training programs assist engineering and financial managers better understand coating life-cycle issues and work to include painting and coating works as an integral part of plant maintenance.

QA / QC Procedures:
HCIS offers assistance to clients in developing the appropriate QA / QC procedures to be implemented by the paint and coating applicator during the execution of works. These procedures include:

  • Painter's induction
  • Assessment and approval of potential applicators
  • Application of the Test Panel as a reference for the job
  • Cleaning, surface preparation and application of coatings
  • Verification of coating parameters (DFT, adhesion etc.) following application

The adherence to the QA / QC procedures will provide documented support that the painting and coating works were executed as per the specification and will ultimately optimise performance of the paint and coating system being applied. They will also form part of the Hand-over Documentation that the client receives at the end of the job.

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