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By: Hts Consulting Group  05/12/2011
Keywords: supply chain, Quality Management, supply chain management

HTS Consulting Group offers workshops, training sessions, software development and consultancy projects in English and German tailored to the organisational requirements. We offer services throughout Europe particular to smaller and medium but also to multinational organisations, both in the public and private sector. Due to our background in academia, we are also able to provide advice and consultancy for applied research projects.

Projects may range from short term contracts to long term engagements. We combine our consulting work with foremost research. This enables us to deliver novel and innovative solutions. HTS Consulting Group focuses on knowledge transfer, which enables our clients to expand the knowledge of their employees in an efficient and effective manner.

Our team of experts are able to provide consulting, training and research in the follow domains:

  • Information System Strategy
  • Service Oriented Architectures
  • IT Driven Innovation Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Information Management
  • Data Management and Data Logistics
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Software and Web Development

HTS Consulting Group believes in training as an important element for improving performance and upskilling employees. With our training service at HTS Consulting we offer online training material, presentations and in-house training for various information management subjects, tailored to help clients to improve information management practice and achieve enhanced performance.

Consultants and team members at HTS Consulting Group have various backgrounds and expertise in information management. We can provide training material (e.g. Powerpoint presentations) or set up an online training environment. Furthermore, we also provide individualized training programmes, which can be run in Ireland, UK, Germany and internationally (in English or German). We can also assist in analysing the training needs of an organisation tailored to meet your specific requirements.

HTS Consulting Group can act as facilitator for requirement analysis and business case preparation. In collaboration with employees in the company, the facilitator can assist to organize a scoping meeting with key stakeholders to quickly define the necessary initial scope and requirements for an information management project.

Enterprises have spent huge investments in software and business process improvement projects, however often at the end with low usability or limited process improvements. Studies reveal that inadequate attention on project scoping, requirements analysis, business process modelling and design at the beginning of a project is the most common cause for critically vulnerable projects that often do not deliver even on the basic tasks for which they were designed.

Team members at HTS Consulting Group can help kick-start and facilitate your project. Using a collaborative consulting approach, we can help with requirements analysis, identification of project objective and assist to produce the deliverables required to meet your initial project planning milestones. We can organize a series of workshops with stakeholders and help building the business case.

As advisor, we facilitate the process of understanding the customer needs and expectations from a proposed system or application through a set of well-defined stages using a Development Life Cycle model and method. We can support enterprises in eliciting and documenting the requirements, modeling and analyzing these requirements and documenting them as a basis for a convincing business case.

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Keywords: business process management, Chain Management, customer relationship management, Data Quality Management, data warehousing, Enterprise Resource, information management, Quality Management, Relationship Management, Service Oriented Architectures, supply chain, supply chain management

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We collaborate on a concrete set of steps for improving the level of data quality and eliminating root causes of poor data quality. HTS Consulting Group can assist organisations conducting a data quality audit and identifying measures for improving data quality. The data quality audit provides a baseline assessment of the current level of data quality within your enterprise environment.


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In diesem Zusammenhang belegen Studien die zentrale Aufgabe und Bedeutung von klarer Projektabgrenzung, Anforderungsanalyse und Geschäftsprozessmodellierung im Vorfeld einer Softwareimplementierung. Das Angebot von HTS Consulting Group umfasst auf unternehmensspezifische Anforderungen zugeschnittene Workshops, Schulungen, Softwareentwicklung und Beratungsprojekte in Deutsch und Englisch.