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By: Howth Horse & Carriage  05/12/2011
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Birthday Parties

For an unusual and rare treat, book a

Horse and Carriage

to give rides to your child's party guests. This could entail four 15 minute circuitous trips - from your doorstep if you live in Howth - or from either Howth Summit or Howth Harbour and would be suitable for children of all ages when accompanied by an adult.

For safety, an adult would need to be on hand to assist the children getting on and off the carriage.

Tel. 087 2906357

Hallowe'en - "The Skeleton Express"

Take a ride in the one and only

"Skeleton Express"


"The Headless Horseman

". Available in Howth, and also St. Anne's Park, Raheny, at Hallowe'en. See our separate page coming up to Hallowe'en for current details.

Tel. 087 2906357

Christmas - "Jingle Bell Rides"

"Jingle Bell Rides"

, featuring


, perhaps driven by one of Santa's elves, or maybe even Santa himself, will operate in December in Howth. Wrap up warm and take your kids for a real "Jingle Bell Ride" complete with genuine American"Jingle Bells" and get into the spirit of Christmas.

More information will be available on our "Jingle Bell Ride" page nearer to Christmas or just call us if you would like to pre-book to ensure your date is available

Jingle Bell Rides will also be available in St. Anne's Park, Raheny.

Tel. 087 2906357

"Cupid's Carriage" - Romantic Evening Drives

On a cold starry night, wrapped in a blanket, or a warm summer evening, with a gentle breeze on your face, imagine snuggling up beside the love of your life and being taken on a

romantic carriage ride

with awesome views of Dublin Bay. Maybe with a glass of champagne in hand, what better way could you propose your hand in marriage? (or perhaps prompt a proposal?)

You don't have to wait for St. Valentine's Day!

Whatever your request, we will endeavour to facilitate your requirements. Pre-booking is essential.

Tel. 087 2906357


And what better to follow a romantic evening drive than a

Romantic Horse Drawn Carriage

for your wedding. We can provide a beautiful carriage drawn by a pair of white horses. Flowers on the carriage can be co-ordinated with the bride's colours and traditional etiquette will ensure a most romantic experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Gift Vouchers

Give that special someone a unique Christmas/Birthday/Special Occasion present.

Give a Howth Horse & Carriage Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are available for any of our services.

Tel. 087 2906357

Horse Manure - Organic Fertilizer at its best

Our horse manure is the very best natural fertilizer available - with nothing added that nature didn't provide. Properly composted horse manure is odourless and safe.

So why not return it to the earth via fertilizer for your plants.

�3 per bag to take away
�5 per bag delivered

(We can deliver by horse and cart to Howth addresses!)

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