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By: Houseology  05/12/2011


  • Get your project off to the best possible start with with a 2 hour House Consultation to maximise Space, Light and Storage in your home!
  • Firstly, I talk to you to see what issues you wish to deal with.
  • Secondly, I look over those parts of the house needing attention and begin the process of generating ideas. A variety of options will be explored to find the one that best suits your circumstances. Where structural alterations or an extension are planned, this may include the preparation of free-hand, scaled sketches.
  • Thirdly, I seek to ensure that you are equipped with the information and contacts to bring the project to fruition.
  • This is all summarised in a written report, produced in the course of the 2 hours.
  • I charge €250 in the Dublin city area but am happy to travel further by arrangement. I also offer an online consultation service.

Q. I have had plans drawn up but am unsure if they are the best solution…

  • I am happy to review these proposals with you to ensure that you get off to the best start at a cost of €250.00 for a 2 hour consultation.
  • Refer to my testimonials for examples where people have found this advice helpful.

Q. I live 5 hours from Dublin, do you offer advice online?

  • I offer an Online Consultation Service at a cost of €200.00.
  • I manage online consultations using the same 3 part approach I use in my regular 2 hour house consultations, with the emphasis  on firstly establishing the issues to be addressed, secondly generating a range of possible solutions and thirdly agreeing how the preferred solution might best be implemented.

Q. I’ve found a house I like a lot but am not sure it meets my needs…

  • I am happy to look over a property prior to your committing to its purchase to assess its potential to meet your needs in the short, medium and long term.
  • The cost of a 1 hour consultation in this regard is €150 inclusive of all charges in the Dublin area.

Q. Do you give advice about costs?

  • Only in the broadest sense. I do, however, seek to ensure you have sufficient information to request a “ball park” cost from the type of contractor relevant to your project and circumstances. This a more reliable way of pinning down costs in the current climate.

Q. Can I request a further consultation in the course of my project?

  • I am very happy to do this and, indeed, have done so on more than one occasion in some instances.
  • I offer a 10% reduction on 2nd and subsequent consultations.

Q. Do you take on projects?

  • I am available to assist with projects of a modest scale, involving interior alterations.
  • Whilst I am not currently in a position to offer a full range of architectural services for more extensive projects, I look forward to doing so once again in the future.
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In such cases, an island may provide the ideal solution, where space allows, as it can act as a physical and visual barrier between the food preparation and dining areas. An inline fan – where the motor is located remotely for the extract point – will quietly extract cooking smells in combined kitchen/dining areas. Small children gravitate naturally towards adults, so allow for some play and toy storage here, or close by, where possible.