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By: Hotellinx Systems  05/12/2011
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The philosophy of Hotellinx Suite is all-in-one

  • all types of reservations in one
  • hotel and restaurant in one
  • all hotels in one

The Hotellinx Suite software package is made especially for the hospitality industry and adapts itself to the needs of practically any organisation within this branch. Hotels and hotel groups, conference centres, holiday resorts, serviced apartments, restaurants and other – Hotellinx Suite covers them all.

Due to its scalability and flexibility, Hotellinx Suite has solutions of all sizes, from single-workstation packages for small inns up to centralized solutions for hotel chains, and everything in between.

Hotellix Suite’s special strength is the ability to cover hotel & restaurant plus all other departments and types of reservation in the same package, and it is therefore especially useful to those hotels that offer their guests also other services than accommodation.

Hotellinx Suite is flexible with an extensive number of features - yet easy and reliable

In Hotellinx Suite, one guest reservation can include rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant tables, spa, activities (golf, tennis, excursions ..), transports, conference equipment, sports equipment and so on. In fact, everything that you want to book, can be booked with Hotellinx Suite – and elegantly handled in one and the same user interface.

Hotellinx Suite includes a lot more than the software itself

User’s Guides, Quick Start Guides, Help file, Presentations and demo and training databases are an important part of the Hotellinx Suite package. Software updates, User’s Guides and other useful documents are available on the Hotellinx web site to all those who have a maintenance agreement. Software updates and additional language packages are easy to install and as a rule, updating does not require assistance from the Hotellinx support staff.

Some Hotellinx Suite modules and features in short ..

Front Office - Reservations
Diary - Reservations, availability, statistics ..
The graphical Diary gives you a good overview of the situation in your hotel and the availability regarding rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant tables, activities etc. Using drag-and-drop, you can both make and change reservations in the Diary. In a multi-hotel environment, the Diary can show availability for all hotels in the same screen.
Front Office and Diary - Check-in
The first impression of your hotel and its service is important. Therefore Hotellinx has fast and easy search and check-in routines, and finding and checking in even large groups is just a matter of seconds. Name, company name, reservation number, phone number, agent, contact person and many other reservation and guest details can be used as search criteria, room allocation can be made in advance or automatically at check-in, key cards can be created in advance, extra arrangements like complimentary champagne at arrival, newspapers and other special wishes are easy to register and keep track of – all to speed up your work and improve the service at the front desk.
The last impression of your hotel is at least as important as the first impression. Therefore check-out and settling room bills must be fast, easy and flexible. Even when a guest surprisingly wants phone calls on one bill, minibar on another and last night’s restaurant bill split with a room mate, it shouldn’t be a problem or take a long time. A large group where everyone pays for their extras while accommodation and meeting room charges will be invoiced, mustn’t be difficult to handle either. Hotellinx Suite has taken all this into account and made it easy for you to manage all situations and quickly print bills for an individual guest, for a room, for a whole reservation or selected parts of a reservation and so on. With an all-in-one system like Hotellinx Suite and its built-in POS, all charges are accessible from all workstations, which makes it possible to check-out also for example from the POS screen in the breakfast room. Any bill can be printed on a laser printer or a receipt printer.
Point of Sales
Hotellinx Suite’s built in POS is for restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, spa and all other points of sales. It is also suitable for quickly adding extra postings like minibar charges to a room bill. The POS can handle an unlimited number of accounts of various types and allows you to post directly to room bills without any troublesome special interface. Order (kitchen) printer handling is included, and one and the same printer can work both as receipt and order printer. Stock Control with multi-stock handling and recipes is available as an option. Using Hotellinx Suite with the built-in POS, hotel, restaurant and all other sales will be on one sales report and there will be no extra work comparing reports and figuring out how much was transferred from one department to another, or which department which sales actually belong to.
Hotellinx Suite includes a comprehensive set of pre-designed reports and report views. All reports can be viewed on screen, printed and exported to several file formats.
Night Audit
The night audit, which covers all departments, only takes a few minutes to run and all its reports can be saved on the local hard disk (or on any other computer on the network), from where they can be viewed even years later. Printing only the reports that you really need now instead of all that possibly might be useful at some time, saves a considerable amount of paper and speeds up the night audit. If you have several hotels in the same centralized database, you can run the night audit for all of them at the same time if you like.
Sales Ledger
Hotellinx Suite has its own totally integrated Sales Ledger, where all invoices are automatically saved at the moment they are printed and accepted. In the Sales Ledger it is easy to register payments and do follow up, and reports, statements and reminders are included in the module.
Customer register and marketing
Internet reservations and GDS connections
Connections to other systems, for example Expedia and Amadeus, as well as to other web booking systems, for example if a hotel group wants to build its own, are available through XML-interfaces.
Hotel chain solutions
Hotellinx Suite offers both larger and smaller hotel groups and chains many different options. There are totally centralized solutions with all hotels in one database on one server, but also partially centralized solutions where customer register and marketing, sales and statistics can be on a centralized server and everything else in local databases. Solutions where reservations can be made both in a centralized database in a CRO, and directly in local databases in the hotels, with the system keeping the databases synchronized, are also available.

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