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By: Horizon Safety Systems  05/12/2011
Keywords: fire detection

Horizon, through extensive experience in specialist areas, has built a reputation for the design, supply and support of such systems.

The ASD1 and ASD2 is a professional air-sampling unit, designed to compliment conventional and analogue addressable system technology, by combining standard field-serviceable smoke detectors with a stand-alone air-sampling solution. Ideal for the protection of difficult to access, environmentally demanding, aesthetic or architecturally restricted areas, the ASD is rugged, easy to install, weatherproof, and requires no special tools or software to configure.

The LASD is a professional, high-sensitivity air sampling smoke detector, designed for the protection of risks requiring class A, B or C design sensitivity. The unit is rugged, compact, weatherproof and highly versatile, enabling it to be used for both general area coverage and localised protection of equipment cabinets or ductwork. Areas which are subject to high levels of dust, low temperature or water ingress can also be accommodated using optional harsh environment filers, water traps and pipework heaters.

The FT1 is a 4 pipe, single manifold air-sampling detector with an alarm sensitivity range from 0.001% to 20% obscuration/m. This detector is classified as a Very Early Warning Smoke Detector and can reliably detect fire at an early stage, with low to high concentrations of smoke over an area of 2000 m2. The detector is configurable for a variety of environments, providing an ideal fire detection solution for power stations, telecommunications and IT facilities, clean rooms, warehouses, cold storage, harsh and hazardous areas, historic buildings and museums.

The FT-4 and FT-6 are multi-channel large bore air-sampling detectors with an alarm sensitivity range from 0.001% to 20% obscuration/m. These detectors are classified as a Very Early Warning Smoke Detectors and can reliably detect fire at an early stage, at low to high concentrations of smoke. As a multi-channel system, the detector is able to divide a protected space into either 4 or 6 sampling sectors, enabling the localization of a fire for faster incident response. The detectors are configurable for a variety of environments, providing ideal fire detection solutions for power stations, telecommunications and IT facilities, clean rooms, warehouses, cold storage, harsh and hazardous areas, historic buildings, museums, prison cells and technical cabinets.

The FT8 and FT15 (LAZ-R8/5) is a unique 8 or 15 pipe high sensitivity air-sampling smoke detection system, capable of sampling from up to 15 individual, identifiable areas or cabinets simultaneously. The system uses unobtrusive, easy to install 6mm O.D. microbore flexible tubing to transport smoke to the detector, enabling fast and efficient installation – particularly in difficult to access, aesthetic or architecturally restricted locations. Depending upon application, pipes can be left open-ended or terminated with high quality, attractive, flush chrome-plated or colour coded sampling points.

Keywords: fire detection

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The “responsible person” is the person/s who owns or controls the business and/or the owner of the property in the case of multi-occupied buildings and it is their responsibility to ensure that a regular Fire Safety Audit is carried out. In order to ensure compliance with the Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003, the fire safety within an organisation should be assessed in accordance with fire safety guidance documents and codes of practice.


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The event list provides a simple summary of all current events and their type, when they occurred, location, status and allows you to classify each event according to it’s nature, i.e. nuisance alarm due to burnt toast, dirty detector or emergency exit door having been accidently left open.


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