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By: Hook Head  05/12/2011
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Hook Head offers

job advertising


recruitment services


IT jobs

only. We do

not charge

to advertise jobs, however if you wish to contact an applicant, then you will be charged a small fee for the contact details.

How does it work?

On receipt of a job application, the client decides whether or not they are interested in proceeding with the applicant based on the submitted CV and supplied information. If the client is not interested in proceeding further, they simply reject the application. However, if the client is interested in proceeding to interview the applicant, then they have a decision to make.

The client may choose to:

  • pay a small fee for the contact details of the applicant and contact the applicant directly.
  • sign up for a yearly membership, in which case the client can contact as many applicants as desired in that period with no additional fee.
  • set up an interview, in which case the client will be liable for a small placement fee should a they offer the applicant a position.

Billing Model Details

The following is a full list of the different billing models for the services that we offer:

  • Pay-Per-Application Job Advertising
  • Subscription Based Job Advertising
  • Passive Recruitment Model
  • Standard Recruitment Model

Pay-Per-Application Job Advertising

Pay-Per-Application is a revolutionary new billing model. With this model, it is completely free to advertise your jobs on the site & view applicants CVs. We only charge a small fee when you request contact details of the job applicants whom you are interested in interviewing, and there is no recruitment placement fee.

This service include notifications of applications to your jobs. You get to view the CV in full, albeit with the contact details removed and if you do decide to proceed to interview, then there will be a small charge for the applicant's contact details. If you decide that the applicant's CV is not suitable for the role in question, then you simply reject the job application, and there will be no charge whatsoever. The idea being that you only pay for applications that you want to proceed to interview with.

The price for this service is

€100.00 per set of contact details requested

. There will be no additional placement fee should you decide to offer the applicant the job.

Subscription Based Job Advertising

Subscription Based Job Advertising is a service whereby the subscriber can advertise unlimited jobs for a one year period at a fixed price.

The price for this service is

€1,500.00 per annum.

Passive Recruitment Model

The Passive Recruitment Model is our


recruitment model. The advertiser adds their job descriptions on the site, but rather than paying for contact details of applicants, the advertiser pays a small placement fee should they hire the applicant.

The commission charged for this service is

5.0% of the agreed salary.

Standard Recruitment Model

The Standard Recruitment Model is the traditional recruitment model. We advertise any requirements that you have. We screen the candidates and forward only candidates whom we feel are suitable for the role.

The commission charged for this service is based on a

pre-agreed commission structure


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