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By: Hip-ip  05/12/2011
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Wireless Phone Jack Reviews:

See Application Examples below:

Get rid of unsightly cables or avoid awkward rewiring. With a 50 metre range, the Wireless Phone Jack system is ideal for easily adding an additional telephone line extension for use in both home and office.  The RTX Wireless Phone Jack is not suitable for transmitting Data Packets at high speed eg. sharing an ADSL Broadband connection but will work alongside it without interference when used with an ADSL filter.   

The RTX Phone Jack is an ideal solution for provide a Wireless Phone/ Wireless FAX extension and supports Sky and Sky+ decoders/set top boxes for provision of Telephone connectivity. 

If you need to add an extra telephone socket in your home, adding additional cabling can be both an expensive and time-consuming affair.  Now you can avoid this by installing a Wireless Telephone Jack.  It's quick and easy and takes only a minute to install. 

Application Examples:

1.  Your Home currently has one Telephone outlet in the Lounge and one in the Hall.  The Hall outlet is connected to a telephone and the Lounge outlet is currently connected to a Sky+ box.  A further Telephone outlet is required in a Bedroom for connection to an additional Sky+ Box.  The Wireless Phone Jack Transmitter would be located in the Lounge is plugged in to the mains and is connected to the Telephone Outlet (using cable supplied) and the Sky+ box.  The Wireless Phone Jack Slave unit can then be located in the bedroom plugged in to the mains supply and connected to the additional Sky+ box.  The Telephone connection in the Hall is unaffected.

2.  Your home currently has one Telephone outlet in the Hallway, which is currently connected to your Home Phone.  You require a Phone Line extension installing in your Lounge for use with your Sky Box.  The Wireless Phone Jack Base unit is installed in the Hallway, plugged in to the mains power and is connected to your existing telephone and your telephone line outlet. The Wireless Phone Jack Receiver Unit is installed in your Lounge is plugged in to mains power and is connected to your Sky Box.

3.  You require an additional telephone extension for either a phone or a fax machine in an outbuilding located within 50m of your main building, which has a Telephone Line.  Both buildings have mains power.  The Wireless Phone Jack Master Unit is plugged in to the mains power and connected to your Telephone Line outlet in the main building, the Slave is plugged in to mains power in the outbuilding and is connected to the telephone or the fax machine.

4.  You need to connect a burglar alarm to a telephone line but there isn't currently a telephone line outlet adjacent to where the burglar alarm console requires locating.  The Burglar Alarm can be connected to a Wireless Phone Jack Slave with the Master Unit connected to your Telephone line.  Both units are plugged in to the mains supply and the Wireless Phone Jack slave unit is within 50m of the base unit.

* The Wireless Phone Jack comes with one Transmitter Unit and one Receiver Unit.  The transmitter has 2 ports, one of which is required for connection to your telephone line. The Receiver unit has only one port.  Both the second port on the Base Unit and the port on the Receiver Unit can be used for connection to a telephone/fax/modem or TV/TV Set top box eg. Sky/Sky+/SkyHD.    The Receiver must be located within 50m of the transmitter.  Both units require 220-240v electric by plugging the units in to a conventional mains outlet

Key Features:

  • 50 Metres of wireless phone line
  • Secure private voice and data communication by encryption
  • No tools required for installation. Easy Install
  • Easy relocated – moves from room to room
  • Environment friendly, low power consumption
  • Add up to four wireless phone extension units
  • Reliable DECT wireless technology
    Low Price

Wireless Phone Jack works with:

  • Corded and cordless phones
  • Answering machines
  • Fax machines
  • PC Modems (Not Broadband!)
  • Satellite encoders/DirectTV/Set top boxes
  • VoIP adapters

And is compatible with: 

  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • 3- Way Calling
  • Conference Calling
  • Speed Dialing


 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

RTX Wireless Phone Jack

Wireless PHONE Jack FAQ

Question Answer
How can the Wireless PHONE Jack help me? Basically it's a wireless phone wire which makes it easy to relocate your wired equipment such as phones/fax/analog modems and set top boxes anywhere in your house without installing new telephone wires.
What is included in the Wireless PHONE Jack package? The package includes a base unit which you can locate next to your existing phone jack and a extension unit which you can locate on the spot where you want to install the phone/fax/modem.
What is the easiest way to get started installing the Wireless PHONE Jack?
My house is in more than one floor. Can I still use the Wireless PHONE Jack? Yes - the Wireless PHONE Jack is a wireless product based on radio frequency and the range is comparable with cordless DECT phones.
Can I use the Wireless PHONE Jack to install a fax machine? Yes, by installing the Wireless PHONE Jack product it's easy to install a fax machine in locations of your office / home where there is not phone jack.
Can I buy extra extension units? Yes - we sell 'slave units' and bundle options
Can I use the Wireless PHONE Jack with ADSL? The Wireless PHONE Jack does not support the ADSL LAN signal. The Wireless PHONE Jack can be installed on the analog port of a terminal adapter and hereby extend the analog telephone line to anywhere in the house.
Can I use the Wireless PHONE Jack to transfer LAN signals? No - the Wireless PHONE Jack is supporting V21,V34 and V.90 analog modems / fax machines and ordinary wired phones.
Possible cause Solution
No dialing tone available. - Check all power and cable connections. If in doubt please refer to the user manual. Check that the Extension unit swich is correctly set to either S or C.
- Relocate the Extension unit within signal reach of the Base unit (max 50m).
- Base unit power not on.
- Cables not correctly connected.
- Extension unit may not be registered to base.
- The extension unit is out of reach.
My modem/set top box/fax is not working. Make sure that the Extension unit switch is set to C. The Extension unit switch has not been set to modem functionality.
Short “hissing” sound heard on phone attached to Extension unit when first picked up. Make sure that the Extension unit switch is set to S. The Extension unit switch has not been set properly.
Phone connected to Extension unit rings one ring later than phone connected to Base unit. - This is normal. One ring delay is necessary to allow transfer of Caller ID information from base to Extension unit.

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