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By: Hip-ip  05/12/2011
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Gigaset SL78H DECT Handset with Bluetooth®

The elegant handset designed for a new era of  telephony

With attractive features, high-quality materials and premium design, the Gigaset SL78H lets you phone in a smart and elegant way. The handset’s genuine metal frame distinguishes the Gigaset SL78H, making it truly unique and signaling the start of a new era of home phones. Choose between the Bluetooth® headset connection or full duplex hands-free feature to experience communication freedom in brilliant sound quality. Maximize the features of the Gigaset SL78H by transferring data through the Bluetooth® or mini-USB connection and by filling the large 500 entry address book with the names and numbers of your numerous important contacts. Let the Gigaset SL78H’s innovative user interface on the vibrant TFT color display guide you – it makes selecting features from the icon-based menu second instinct. Or use it for the expansion of your existing Gigaset base station so a reliable, high-quality handset’s always within reach. And with the Gigaset SL78H’s ECO DECT technology you’ll always demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

If an elegant premium design handset with innovative ways to communicate is what you are looking for, then the Gigaset SL78H is the right handset for your home.

High-quality materials united in high-class design

Part of what makes the Gigaset SL78H a smart premium design handset is its use of high-quality materials. The genuine metal frame and charger distinguishes the Gigaset SL78H from other handsets, creating a high-end aesthetic that is one of a kind. What’s more, the innovative user interface opens the door to a new era of instinctive menu navigation. And the brilliant TFT color display exemplifies the Gigaset SL78H’s high-class character, which sets it apart from the crowd.

Bluetooth® headset connection and full duplex hands-free function

The Gigaset SL78H offers twofold options for hands-free talking: either via the Bluetooth® headset connection or the handset’s full duplex hands-free capabilities. Whatever you do while phoning, with the Gigaset SL78H you’ll revel in the freedom of sophisticated yet simple hands-free telephony.

Keep organized and in touch

Equipped with high-end features like a large capacity address book, transfer of data via Bluetooth® or USB, and text messaging, contacting those closest to you has never been easier than with the Gigaset SL78H. With room for 500 vCard entries you no longer have to prioritize your contacts – simply include them all. Transfer your contact data quickly and easily via Bluetooth® or the mini-USB jack and profit the most from your Gigaset SL78H. Not in the mood to telephone but still want to stay in touch? Use the 640 character SMS² feature on your Gigaset SL78H handset to communicate through convenient text messaging.

ECO DECT for energy savings and radiation-free telephony

The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset SL78H consumes less electricity³, so it saves you money and is better for the environment. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it also variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset SL78H’s base station by 80%* simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, radiation-free** ECO Mode Plus slashes the transmitting power by up to 100% when the handset is in standby. This way, you can enjoy a more energy-efficient way of staying connected with your family and friends.

With the Gigaset SL78H you’ll profit in many ways – genuine highclass materials, elegant design and innovative features. So make this Gigaset handset part of your way to communicate at home or in the Office.

Main Features:

  • Genuine metal frame and charger with high-class design
  • Bluetooth® headset connection and full duplex hands-free function
  • Top-of-the-line TFT color display with innovative user interface
  • Radiation-free ECO Mode Plus¹
  • Address book for up to 500 vCard entries
  • Exchange of address book entries with Bluetooth® mobile phones
  • Caller display (CLIP)²
  • PC Connection via Bluetooth® / USB

Gigaset SL78H DECT Handset

Keywords: Address Book, Dect Technology, Full Duplex, Metal Frame,

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