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By: Hip-ip  05/12/2011
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Gigaset N300A DECT IP Base Station


  • Answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time

  • Hybrid DECT IP base station for landline and VoIP calls

  • Multi-line for up to 6 handsets and 4 (3 SIP + 1 PSTN) parallel calls

  • Energy-saving ECO DECT

  • Compatible with multiple Gigaset handsets

  • Compatible with provisioning standards: TR069, MAC address, code based auto-configuration

  • Expandable up to 6 VoIP accounts / numbers

  • Free calls between Gigaset VoIP phones via

  • Can connect up to 6 Gigaset DECT Repeaters for extended range


Answering machine features

  • Up to 30 minutes of recording time

  • Dates and times of messages announced by voice

  • New message notification via text message to external number

  • Display of new messages on the handset

  • Remote playback of messages

  • Operation of answering machine via handset

  • Telephone call recording function

The DECT IP base station with an answering machine that brings communication to new heights with parallel calls, exceptional sound and online features.

The Gigaset N300A IP is an easy-to-configure hybrid DECT IP base station for both landline and VoIP calls – plus an answering machine. It supports up to 3 parallel calls, 6 different lines, and 6 compatible Gigaset handsets. With a maximum of 30 minutes of recording time, the answering machine ensures that all messages are received. And HD sound with HDSP™¹ technology means internet calls sound more like face-to-face conversations. ECO DECT’s energy-saving2 technology makes the Gigaset N300A IP an environmentally-friendly base station.

For high-quality landline and VoIP telephony with an answering machine, the Gigaset N300A IP is the perfect match.

Manage missed calls with the answering machine

The answering machine of the Gigaset N300A IP is full of convenient features for managing missed calls. Its 30 minutes of recording time ensures that all incoming messages are received and saved. Easily record conversations with the telephone call recording function. Also, the dates and times of messages are announced by voice, and users can play back messages remotely via the handset. All new message notifications get directed to the handset or to an external number via text message. Convenient operation of the answering machine is possible both on registered handsets and on the Gigaset N300A IP base station.

Make parallel calls, expand lines, add accounts

Multi-line support allows up to three calls in parallel, in any combination of landline and online connections. Additionally, up to 6 compatible handsets can be registered to the base station, which also supports up to 6 different accounts / numbers.

Enjoy the advantages of VoIP

With internet calling, the Gigaset N300A IP truly raises the quality of telephony. All VoIP calls come in HD sound, thanks to Gigaset’s exceptional HDSP™¹ technology. And when IP calls are made to other Gigaset VoIP phones via Gigaset.net2, the call – to wherever in the world – is free.

Supports online calling features

ECO DECT: Pure energy savings and radiation-free4

The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset N300A IP consumes less electricity2, so it’s kinder to the environment, and kinder to users’ wallets. Like all Gigaset base stations, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. Users can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset N300A IP by 80%5 simply by selecting the ECO Mode on registered handsets. Furthermore, selecting radiation-free4 ECO Mode Plus on registered handsets turns off the transmitting power when the base station is in standby.

Gigaset N300A  DECT IP Base Station

Technical features

  • Expandable phone system with multiline functionality for up to

  • 6 handsets

  • Up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers

  • Assign SIP accounts individually to handsets (send & receive direction specifically)

  • Multi-Line type system (6 x VoIP + 1 x PSTN) allows:
    Line selection for each call via menu selection

  • Up to 4 calls in parallel (3 internet calls + 1 landline calls)

  • Easy configuration of internet telephony (VoIP) by wizard and download of provider setting profiles (>200 providers supported)

Enhanced IP Telephony

  • Embedded SIP VoIP with codecs: G.711, G.722, G.726,

  • free of charge calls between Gigaset VoIP
    phones. Nickname search in community.

  • Auto-fallback to PSTN, if the phone cannot establish a VoIP connection

  • VoIP supplementary services (device controlled):
    conference, hold/toggle, call forwarding

  • Call transfer via R key

  • Quality of service2): ToS, Diffserv, configurable DSCP valuesfor SIP and RTP

IP features and services

Online directories

  • Online directory and Yellow Page search (multiple directories supported).

  • Reverse search (number -> contact).

  • Reverse lookup online (display of caller id from online

  • Link to user defined online directory

  • New Emails are indicated on the handset8) by illuminated

Applications and Services

  • Easy access to online information on handset8) via
    screensaver and interactive Info Center: Weather, RSS Feeds, eBay Companion, Translator, Encyclopedia, Horoscope, Biorhythm, Unit Converter
    User defined services
  • Initiate calls on handset from Info Service pages

Setup and provisioning

  • Quickstart setup software

  • Easy configuration via web server or from handset

  • Administrator friendly configuration via config file

  • Plug and Play Auto-provisioning for retail variant via

  • MAC address

  • Auto-configuration code

  • Plug and Play Auto-provisioning for operator/customer variant
    MAC address
    TR069, TR104, TR106, TR111 / part 1 (part 2 on request)

System and software

  • Firmware update directly from handset, without file handling

  • Firmware downgrade to factory delivery status / last version

  • DHCP client (Option 60, 114, 120)

  • VLAN tagging

  • HTTP Proxy support incl. 1.0 compatibility for chunked


  • Increased virus protection thanks to protected operating

  • Clock synchronization using NTP (Network Time Protocol)

  • server

Sound quality

  • HDSPTM 1)7) with G.722 codec for exceptional sound (CAT-iq 1.0)

Convenience – phoning essentials


  • Indoor range: up to 50 meters
  • Outdoor range: up to 300 meters

Operation time

  • Talk time: handset dependent

  • Standby time: handset dependent

Phonebook and dialing

  • Directory transfer between different handsets and between handset and PC

  • Name indication for: incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls list, redial list

  • Dialing plan: up to 30 dialing rules (call number, beginning of call number, IP line or PSTN, number blocking)

  • 6 VIP-groups (a specific melody and color can be assigned to each VIP-group)

Receiving Calls

  • Handset dependent
  • Missed Calls
  • Handset dependent

General additional features

Handset dependent

  • Display and menu features

  • Display
    Handset dependent

  • Menu
    Handset dependent


Keypad features

  • Handset dependent

  • Messaging functions (SMS)2)

  • Send and receive SMS messages via fixed line or IP (RTP) 2)

  • Easy SMS setup including registration

  • Sending/receiving of SMS with up to 612 characters 2)

  • Storage of 30 SMS with 90 digits

  • One common + 3 personalized SMS-Inboxes2)

  • Comfortable access to SMS-Services (info-channels)2)

  • Transmission of e-mails via SMS2)

  • Copy of phone numbers from SMS to directory

  • V-Card support: name and number can be taken over to


  • Up to 60% less energy consumption3) thanks to an
    energy-saving power supply

  • Reduction of transmitting power to almost zero when
    handset is docked (with only 1 registered handset)

  • ECO Mode - manual reduction of transmitting power by

  • ECO Mode Plus5) for 100% reduction of transmitting power of base station and all registered handsets

  • Variable reduction of transmitting power according to
    distance between handset and base station


  • Gigaset Home Control (GHC) - protocol for the operation of DECT modules (e.g. HC450 door intercom)

  • Compatible Gigaset handsets : C59H, S79H, SL400H, and SL78H.

Features with more than one handset

  • 3 internet (VoIP) and 1 fixed-line (PSTN) call in parallel and additionally 1 internal call or AM access simultaneously
  • Phonebook transfer between handsets
  • Ringing assigned to all or selected handsets for internal calls
  • Internal transfer of external calls to another handset with prior
  • consultation call
  • Internet or fixed-line 3-party conference (1 external / 2 internal participants)
  • Two 3-party conferences simultaneously (1 external internet or fixed-line call/2 internal participants each + AM access)

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