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By: Hill Street Tyres  05/12/2011
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Hill St Tyres, excellent service & quality products at an affordable price!

New Tyres

We stock all leading tyre brands in all sizes. Whether you're looking for an economy tyre to suit town driving or a high performance tyre to suit long distance driving, we will have the tyre that you are looking for in stock. A full list of our main brands can be found on the Tyres page.

Puncture Repairs

A flat tyre is caused by a puncture to the tyre's casing allowing air to escape causing the tyre to deflate. Sharp objects such as nails and screws along with potholes and uneven ground are the main causes of punctures.

In most cases, a punctured tyre can be repaired once there isn't a sizeable puncture to the tyre's thread, shoulder or sidewall area. The trye is removed from the rim to inspect the full extent of the damage. The puncture is then plugged and checked again to ensure that it is sealed properly with the casing making it air tight.

Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels can cause your steering wheel to vibrate and increase your fuel consumption. If you buy new tyres without having them balanced or swap tyres from the front of your vehicle to the back without getting them re-balanced, you will notice a vibration through your steering wheel.

This can result in dangerous driving conditions as unbalanced wheels will reduce your vehicles road holding ability and increase wear on shock absorbers, struts and other chassis components.

Balanced wheels result in smoother driving conditions and reduce the premature wearing of tyres, suspension and steering components.

Free Tyre Checks

Hill Street Tyres offer a free tyre check. Call into us at your own convinience, no telephone calls or appointments are required.

If you need a second opinion or any advice on new tyres, repairs or anything else tyre related, we are happy to help.

Keywords: wheel