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By: Hilclare  05/12/2011
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There are many types of industrial lighting products that combine safety, effectiveness, and energy efficiency. Hilclare is a leading manufacturer of such products and as well as offering standard lighting solutions we have a range of specialist products that can be used in high risk areas. Explosion proof lighting, vandal resistant lighting, and emergency lighting can all prove essential under specific circumstances. You can also choose from a range of lighting types.

Incandescent light bulbs are a traditional form of lighting any room and they offer instant light emission that is bright enough for virtually any situation. However, the majority of energy is lost as heat rather than used in illumination. Fluorescent lighting costs more initially but will typically last longer, offer similar light levels as incandescent bulbs and is more energy efficient. HID are more efficient and last longer than incandescent and fluorescent but they are the most expensive and can take some time to warm up and offer full light.

LED industrial lighting products are becoming increasingly popular. They are long lasting, very efficient, and suffer from little energy loss. They are also extremely flexible so can be used to create a vast range of different lighting products. Contact Hilclare to discuss our range of

industrial lighting products

or browse our online catalogue to see our full range of lighting products.

Keywords: Lighting Products, lighting solutions