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By: High Res Lighting  05/12/2011
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High Res can provide a full and flexible lighting service for your production, event or installation. We can provide lighting design and programming expertise alone or can put together a full lighting package for you to include equipment and crew.

Lighting Design

High Resolution Lighting offers a full range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) solutions for any event or project. We use the latest software to produce schematic drawings or photo realistic renders, to scale.

We commonly use CAD to answer questions for our clients like. "If I add another 12 tables, can I make them fit?", "what is the lens I will need for the presentation projector?" and "just where is the lighting physically going in the room?" We can use CAD to show you what your set looks like in the venue and using WYSIWYG we can produce renders of what the lighting will look like on your set.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

High Res work with the most up–to-date wysiwyg Perform software, Release 26. Wysiwg is one of the industry’s most complete lighting software packages, which offers the user the ability to turn out all necessary plots, paperwork and rendering for their project, as well as the ability to pre-visualise and pre-cue the show.

High Res utilise this rendering tool as part of our design service to clients, working with them through each stage of planning for their event, television series or stage show. We find it is most helpful for a client as they can see what certain budgets will produce and so these renders can assist in allocating a spend.

Wysiwyg creates photo-realistic renderings of proposed lighting designs, helpful in co-ordinating and demonstrating the overall effect to a production team. Bringing lighting designs to life, the renders highlight exactly what the lighting designer is trying to achieve rather than relying on words to communicate complex visual ideas. Wysiwyg strives to improve the quality of production by simplifying the process of preparation. 

The application for this technology are endless, whether you are trying to sell an event to a client or save time in the venue by virtually programming the lighting show before the lighting equipment is even in the venue.  High Res are happy to get involved in a project from the planning stages and can provide the material useful for pitching an idea as much as the material required for delivering a project.









SAMPLE - Glastonbury stage


Live Stage

SAMPLE - Microsoft Corporate Event




Digital Scenery

High Resolution Lighting own a Catalyst V4 Pro server and a Catalyst V3.3 Express server. Catalyst is the state of the art in digital lighting design and can generate any image, moving or static. We can then manipulate it with a lighting console to create almost infinitely variable lighting effects using video projection. It is the choice for flexible and dependable digital media playback, with realtime colour and visual FX.

Production Management

High Res can offer a technical production management service for an event.  We can put an experienced team together to handle the production end of your gig, to include a production manager. 

Depending on the event and location, we can put together a technical project management team to look after the load in & load out of the job, ready to 'hand the venue over' to the client.  We can control the running order and scheduling of rigging, PA, AV, lighting and all the logistics involved in a venue build, to ensure that your event runs on time and as smoothly as possible.


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