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By: Hidden Depth  05/12/2011

Most people have a general idea of the kind of website they want. The initial discussion helps me understand the kind of website you want. I ask some very basic questions like "What is the goal of the website", "who is the target audience". I can then offer some advice on the type of website you need, ideas on content, other external promotional elements such as flyers & brochures, etc.

It is important that we put in place good structure for the project so that everything runs smoothly. We discuss timeframes for the content on the site, schedule in further meetings to review our progress.

This means you know when you need to provide content for the site or review a mockup and you can see when I will have a section of the site ready or when the mockup will be ready for review.

I create a basic mockup of the site. We then edit the mockup (changing colours, images, layouts, inseritng your logo & content, etc.) until we are happy with the design and have a strong base to build the site on.

The website is taken from the design and coded into a functioning interactive website and put onto a testing website. The testing site enables you to see your new website live on the internet without your customers seeing a half finished website. If it is a website re-design then you can keep your current site, finalise everything on the testing site then move it over to replace your current site all very smoothly. For new web designs it mean your customers will only see a finished version of your site when you are ready to launch it.

This is the part that it is important to proof all your content on the site. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes, contact details are correct, etc. There will be small changes to the site which we will then proof again.

When all content for the website is proofed the site is then tested to make sure it works correctly in various web browsers. This is very important as what you see on your web browser can differ a lot compared to another persons web browser. Consistency is the key and I test for any variants and fix them before the site is ready to go live.

The browsers I test in are:

  • Internet Explorer 7 + 8
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

N.B. Other browsers can be factored in for testing but will incur an extra charge.

Now your site goes live... but that isn't everything.

Visitor tracking is installed in all website design projects by default. This means you will be able to keep track of who visits your site, how they found you, what they may have typed into Google to find your site.
Over the course of a few months you may see trends in the type of people or type of searches for your site. You may want to adjust your websites content to suit your customers queries.

You have 2 options to update your website content:

2) CMS is a full system which is built into your site from the beginning of the project. It allows you to directly edit site content yourself. If you can use Word you can use a CMS. It does take more time and will cost more money but if you are planning on updating your site's content regularly this will save you time and money in the long run.

To talk about a web design project you can simply Fill Out The Form here and I will be in touch soon as possible.