Hibernia Atlantic : Security Through Diversity

By: Hibernia Atlantic  05/12/2011
Keywords: electrical services, Optical Level

The Hibernia Atlantic state-of-the-art network is a self-healing ring on diverse paths, with cable landing stations in Dublin, Ireland; Boston, MA, USA; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Liverpool, UK.

The Hibernia Atlantic system also includes a fully protected terrestrial ring that links the Boston and Halifax stations via New York City in North America. The system also includes a fully protected terrestrial ring that links the Southport station near Liverpool with Telehouse North in London, while also providing fully protected breakout capability at Manchester - Telecity.

On this network, Hibernia Atlantic provides both protected and unprotected Optical Level Services, TDM or Electrical Services and Dedicated Ethernet and SDH or Packet over Sonet.

Light travels fastest in a vacuum at a speed of approximated 300,000,000 m/s. However, when light passes through material, it is slowed down slightly due to what is called the optical density of the material. The speed of light in glass is approximately 203, 940, 447 m/s.

On the Hibernia Atlantic system, for example Segment A, the cable from Southport, UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia, the distance is approximately 5443 km so the theoretical time it takes light to pass across this cable is (5,443,000/203,940,447) approximately 27 m/s. The round-trip delay would theoretically be twice this at 54 m/s. The actual measures latency on a circuit provisioned on this segment is very close to this theoretical at 55.7 m/s.

>  Wholesale pricing for retail companies

>  Dedicated Ethernet at all speeds, including 10G LanPhy, which allows for 10.3125 gigabits of capacity

> The first 40G Provider Over a Subsea Span Between US and Canada

> The first 10G LanPhy Provider across the Atlantic

> Short-term, 12 month trans-Atlantic contracts

>  Fixed and very low "on ring" pricing from any point A to  point B

>  Direct access into international facilities, where market pressures ensure lowest cost circuits and onward fiber routes

>  24/7/365 manned NOCs in Boston and Dublin

>  99.999% Protected Services and 99% Unprotected Services (including 10G Waves)

Keywords: electrical services, Optical Level