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By: Hermitage  05/12/2011
Keywords: embryo transfer, Pig Breeding

The Hermitage Terminal Line Index (T.L.I), focuses specifically on the terminal traits including growth rate, feed conversion, backfat, muscle depth and lean % ensuring that the top performing terminal line animals are selected each generation

The Maternal Line Index or M.L.I. focuses specifically on the maternal traits including: numbers born alive, feed intake, litter weight, growth rate and backfat. The graphs show the progress that has been made in the key maternal traits.

The Hermitage de-stock/re-stock programme has been specifically developed and fine tuned over the years  to meet our customers requirements.

Hermitage have developed a world renowned  operating and quality control procedure controlling all areas of AI boar management and nutrition.

Supporting the Hermitage ‘Hylean, Hyperprolific, High Health’ breeding programmes is an extensive Research and Development programme focusing on key factors to further enhance the Hermitage product portfolio.

Porcine Embryo Transfer is a key tool facilitating the high health transfer of Hermitage Genetics worldwide. The top performing sows in the Hermitage pyramid are identified through their BLUP value and their Maternal and Terminal Line Indices.

Keywords: embryo transfer, Pig Breeding