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By: Herbst  05/12/2011

Stylish Cap, long lasting.

Elegant Soft Polo Wicklow T-Shirt. Special designed by KANTER Available in Black, Blue, Green, Baby Blue and Dark Red.

Navy blue, 2 sided, rain prove. Elegantly branded with Polo Wicklow and the Irish flag on the sleeve.

Special designed for Polo Wicklow in soft fashion and long lasting jeans material.Available in stretch or standard material. Suitable for evening wear or play, with Polo Wicklow logo on the hip pocket and right front pocket. Size: 32, 34, 36 and 38 

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Polo Wicklow - Shop - Polo Wicklow - shop

All our ponies are trained by our resident professional horse breakers and either reared on our Farms or carefully selected from around the country as unbroken thoroughbreds and then gently broken in by us as 3-4 year olds. All our customers are more than welcome for a tour to our shop which is located in the Polo Club at Polo Wicklow.


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Horses are available from just broken to aged schoolmasters, we have horses for high goal and horses for low goal, small horses, tall horses basically any shape or size you want. Most of Polo Wicklow horses are either homebred or Irish bred horses from selected breeders throughout the country. All our horses are broken and trained on site by experienced professional grooms. For more details please contact Siobhan 00353 87 2869691.


Polo Wicklow - Shop - Polo Wicklow - player equipment

Polo Stick Bag Weather prove polo gear bag, holds polo sticks, horse sticks, clothing etc. Foot Polo 23"Polo Sizes 51, 52, 53 190 gr headPony Club Size 49. Polo Sticks Finely polished wooden polo stick. Horse Whip International Polo Standard Whip. Polo Hat Polo Wicklow's playing polo hat.