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By: Helix Health  05/12/2011

Hospital pharmacies are under increasing pressure to deliver integrated healthcare with greater accountability, whilst maintaining busy schedules. Performance measurement and value-for-money are critical challenges facing hospitals today. Effective management of the drug supply chain from pharmacy to patient is a vital contribution of pharmacy departments; one that can be supported with the right technology.  Helix Health has developed a suite of advanced hospital pharmacy solutions to help hospital pharmacists to manage and maximise the efficiency of the dispensing processes in busy hospitals.


Trusted by over 80% of Irish hospitals, CliniScript is designed to manage and maximise the efficiency of the dispensing process in busy hospitals. Through its Patient Medication Records and complete record tracking, CliniScript supports full accountability within the pharmacy department, saves time and protects patient safety. Combining user-friendly features with advanced functionality, CliniScript maximises the return on your IT investment through tighter financial control, effective stock management, efficient dispensing and enhanced patient care.

For hospital pharmacists, CliniScript offers:

•    Complete dispensing management

•    Automatic formulary generation

•    Effective stock control management

•    Efficient stock ordering processes

•    Multi-location stock control

•    Comprehensive risk management

•    Barcode scanning solution

•    Drug Information/Interactions Checking


is our latest Windows-based version and has all the familiar features of our time-honoured DOS product but is now built for the future. Even easier to use, built with cutting edge, modern technology, hospital managers are now able to monitor and make decisions about dispensing patterns and costs in real time. This new technology also links in with other hospital systems such as HIS/ PAS and SAP financial systems.

CliniScript.net is the only hospital pharmacy product in the Irish market that integrates fully with the Willach Consis range of drug dispensing robotics. By introducing automation to your pharmacy you can benefit from significant staff resource reduction, space saving, higher productivity, a reduction in shrinkage, cost savings, enhanced patient safety and the ability to offer the best service to your patients.


CliniChemo is designed for the safe, efficient manufacturing and administration of cytotoxic drugs. Developed specifically for chemotherapy units, CliniChemo effectively manages the calculation of dosages, the addition of complex regimens, the generation of comprehensive worksheets and labels, as well as reporting and patient billing. With patient safety at its core, CliniChemo is an essential tool for chemotherapy units. It has proved to increase efficiency in the dispensing of life-saving chemotherapy leading to safer and better patient care and easier and improved work processes for users.

CliniChemo offers:

•    Complete patient database

•    Chemotherapy protocols/regimens management

•    Generation of worksheets, documents and labels

•    Comprehensive risk management

•    Sophisticated reporting mechanisms

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