Better You Dlux 3 Pack **20% off

By: Healthshack  05/12/2011

A Dlux multi-pack (of 3 Bottles), for those of you who have seen how effective and easy to use this vitamin D3 spray is!!!

BetterYouTM D Lux 1000 oral vitamin D3 spray by Jan de Vries.
100 sprays 3 months supply. 1000iu per measured spray.

A convenient daily oral spray to aid bone and teeth health and to support the immune system.  Suitable for vegetarians and tastes great!

"Almost everyone in Europe gets insufficient vitamin D because the sun is not strong enough in winter to make any in the skin. People in Britain and Ireland have particularly low levels of the sunshine vitamin because of our cloudy summer climate. Taking a regular vitamin D supplement of at least 1000 IUs per day, preferably more, will restore an optimum level in the blood with a substantial improvement in health and reduction in risks of future disease," Oliver Gillie, director of Health Research Forum.

Vitamin D3 is manufactured by our bodies when our skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun. Research clearly shows that only a small proportion of our essential vitamin D3 requirement is satisfied by our diet (around 10%) and modern lifestyles makes it harder to guarantee the recommended 2-3 hours of unprotected direct sunlight each week.  By unprotected we mean not covered with clothes, no sun creams or moisturisers with UV protection, not under glass.. difficult isn't it!

Developed under the expert guidance of healthcare pioneer Jan de Vries, D Lux 1000 is of particular importance to children, the elderly, during pregnancy and those with dark skin. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption and is fundamental for maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

The formula is micro emulsified for optimal uptake and utilisation and  enters directly into the blood supply rather than being processed by the digestive system. Each measured spray delivers 1000iu, the optimal single dose recommended by the Food Standards Agency.

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