Pre natal fitness and post natal fitness training in Galway

By: Healthfitz  05/12/2011
Keywords: fitness, pelvic floor, Exercise Programme

Pre Natal & Post Natal Fitness

What an amazing time this is for you!

Pre Natal

Getting your body and health in top shape for pregnancy and childbirth is a must. Even before conception your health will impact on that of your child.

  • Metabolic Typing ensures that you are getting the Nutrients and quality of food which will set up your body to develop your baby.
  • Posture and fitness assessment will seek out - and through your programme – remedy:
    • abdominal or back weaknesses,
    • inverted breathing pattern
    • stress or sleep issues

which, if left unheeded, could make your pregnancy less enjoyable. Keeping strong, relaxed and fit as you nurture your baby is your top priority. Give yourself the gift of an amazing pregnancy experience!

Pregnancy Pilates

You don't need previous Pilates experience, or any fitness level to enjoy this relaxing class.  Join other mums-to-be (or arrange with a group of expectant friends!) to breathe deeply, relax, strenghten your core and low back and feel great!
A healthy body makes for a relaxed mum and a happy baby (though we cannot make any guarantees on the baby part!)
Call now for details of this new class.Post Natal

Little one's here! Once the dust settles, it's important for you to regain your-self :
physically, nutritionally, healthily.

Screening for pregnancy related muscle weakness, postural changes, which may have occurred, is paramount. Your CHEK Practitioner is skilled in this area – you know you'll be getting the finest care at this delicate time.

  • Strengthen lower back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.
  • Eat right – to regain your body's ideal weight
  • Get fit – to run around after your bundle of joy!

Your initial exercise programme will cater for your specific needs of physical, lifestyle and nutritional regeneration. This is a time to gently heal your body after it's amazing, but hard, work!

If it's not all been plain sailing…

Everyone's experience of conception, pregnancy and childbirth is utterly different. As a mother myself, your care and health is my priority.

With my advanced C.H.E.K. training, your 'whole' wellbeing is carefully attended to – be assured no matter what your experience has been – your time with Healthfitz will be nurturing, positive and YOU-centred!

Keywords: Exercise Programme, fitness, metabolic typing, pelvic floor

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