Headland Archaeology - Geophysics

By: Headland Archaeology  05/12/2011

Geophysics can be a very cost-effective way of providing an early indication of archaeological risks and Headland have wholeheartedly embraced this technology. Through the techniques of Resistivity and Fluxgate Gradiometry our team are able to quickly plot buried features with a precision that enables clients to visualise the issues and to develop effective mitigation strategies.

We can advise on the applicability of geophysical survey to your project and propose an appropriate methodology. Please contact us on the address below and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

One of Headland’s primary objectives is to identify, as early as possible, the character and extent of the archaeological constraints on our clients’ sites.

Other products and services from Headland Archaeology


Archaeological services

This skill, enthusiasm and a reputation for quality ultimately smoothes our clients’ path through the planning process and heritage legislation, highlighting archaeological issues before they become a problem for development. Headland has a strong track record in environmental archaeology. Well-motivated and our training programme is second to none.


Headland Archaeology – Field Services

Our clients expect Headland to provide a full archaeological service, working on their behalf; identifying and minimising risks, assessing liability, identifying reasonable costs as early as possible. We act as part of the development team, our clients are kept abreast of options, to make informed decisions that benefit everybody.


Headland Archaeology - Artefacts

Whether they are stone tools or cannon balls, the skill is knowing how to respond to such discoveries, how to treat them, their interpretative value and which specialist to seek advice from. Our in-house specialists provide a proactive response, assessing the importance of finds and recommending appropriate action. Artefacts provide a chronological framework and add detail regarding site function and status.


Headland Archaeology - Environmental - Archaeobotany, human & animal bone

We employ the key specialists in-house and this enables us to monitor and control all aspects of our project work, providing a quality product and allowing us to bring in archaeological projects on budget and to deadline. Our experienced staff members are happy to discuss with clients all aspects of environmental archaeology, whether it be processing, assessment, or, analysis and reporting.


Headland Archaeology – Graphic design, Archaeological Illustration, Reconstruction drawing, Small finds photography and Desktop P

Our graphics team understand the fundamentals of archaeology and graphic communication and add value to projects through precise technical illustration, reconstruction drawings and imaginative solutions. Our expertise in desktop publishing is second-to-none, as evidenced by our production of in-house reports and production of monographs for publication.


Headland Archaeology - Environmental Impact Assessment & Statement England, Scotland and Ireland

We ensure that the archaeological component of every project is individually tailored to meet the client's needs.Any large project requires an interdisciplinary approach to planning and management. All Environmental Impact Assessments require different levels of involvement depending on the nature of the project, the requirements of the client and the scale of the site.


Headland Archaeology - Historic Building Surveys England, Scotland and Ireland

Our clients demand an appropriate, targeted and rapid response to historic building survey and analysis; our training, experience, equipment and strategies allow us to create the correct product for the context. Developers and conservation groups increasingly see historic building analysis as an integral part of development control and heritage management.